With a couple of park stops en-route, the old city Heidelberg is our first destination. We arrive in time to enjoy an evening walk down by the river Neckar.

We are lucky enough to get these gorgeous reflections of Heidelberg Palace in the river.

The next morning begins with a very important Baby-chino to start the day.

Schloss Heidelberg – took a while to actually find the carpark. But once we did you walked through beautiful grounds and the. Get to the castle / palace. A mix of buildings through the times, as seen from this entrance.

An intricately carved building behind, a building I would guess is the palace as you cannot get into it.

Plenty to wonder around outside though…

And a fantastic view over the whole of Heidelberg.

Down to visit the big barrel. And no kidding…. built in 1751, with a capacity of 220,000 litres (although now shrunk to 219,000 litres, it is the biggest wine barrel in the world.

So big there is a large platform on top of it, or you can stand under it.

And before you see the big barrel you see this ‘big barrel’ – still pretty big, just not enormous! In another of the buildings is the pharmacy museum.

If you weren’t busy chasing a Bean around then there were lots of interesting rooms and information boards about pharmaceuticals through the ages. I didn’t get to fully read any of them!

A beautiful old window

Time to leave the castle and head to the Fenicular

We went up the modern one. There is an older one that goes higher, but on the day we visited it headed straight up into the cloud. So we headed back down as we had a long drive still to do.

Heidelberg was a beautiful city and definitely worth a visit. We only brushed the surface and I left feeing there is plenty more to see.