Steyr to Grünberg steam train

Choo choo, we got the last train of the season as it steamed it’s way from Steyr to Grünberg. Sadly because it is the last journey it is only going one way, so only two of us could ride the train.

Engines are ready for the off

Time to jump aboard

And say bye bye to daddy – see you at the other end.

We enjoy looking out of the window.

It’s a good way to watch the world, before settling down for a picnic tea!

Nearly there and nearly dark!

What a fun train journey. The oldest narrow-gauge railway in Austria that we have ridden on.


We have a few days in the small but pretty town of Steyr (near Linz), as a base whilst Tim plays in a tournament. So first port of call for Evie and me is to hire a bike! Promptly enabling Evie to have a sleep and miss our first outing into Steyr centre!

On our next trip into Steyr we tried to visit the church that dominates the skyline. But you can’t get inside so instead we walked around the outside.

Time to pause for an ice-cream. Evie wasn’t in a very sharing mood with ice-cream today!

If you go along the Panoramaweg you get a nice view onto the private palace.

Time to hit the shops!! Trust Evie to find this one – but closed!

It was within a lovely courtyard fantastic for running around it.

Time to enjoy the architecture of the town. We talked about how every building was individual

And some were beautifully ornate.

Whilst others intricately painted.

The roofs were also pretty when you looked closely, using a fish scale shaped tile.

After all that time looking at buildings it was time to hit the park to enjoy the slides and swings.