Beans first mountain bike ride 26/03/19

There is no doubting that Evie has so far enjoyed her experiences of cycling. She will bring her helmet to us and point to a bike.

Then Evie was given a baby trike. So we thought it was worth a try. And she loves it!

We took her us a nearby bridle way and the bumps didn’t bother her a jot!

And so begins the new adventures of Evie on her own bike.

Setting up The Chariot

When Evie was 4 months old I purchased the Chariot for a few bottles of wine and a new-to-me bike to tow it. Owning it was one thing. Working out how best to use it before Evie has independent sitting balance was another.

Our first trial was a child seat insert, but Evie wasn’t stable enough at her size.

Then I remembered that I’d got an old car seat off Freecycle. Bingo! With a couple of attempts we strapped the car seat in without and give and we were happy. I was very happy and importantly, Evie smiled when we sat her in.

This time is was just a test up the road. Soon to be tested for a ride.