Evie gets pedalling. 12th Sep 2020

Evie has learned to turn the pedals unsupported on her pink Isla pedal bike age 2&1/2.

Her first couple of facilitated attempts were on the newly surfaced Keswick to Threlkeld old railway.

And then suddenly the next morning before mummy had to go to work she announced she wanted to go biking…. and on a glorious September morning bike she did just this about the small roads of Bampton with Omi nearby as well. What a fabulous morning that was – big smiles for all involved.

For a while there was no stopping her, practicing whenever she could, with mummy having to run faster and faster to keep up. Around Keswick park and along Mosedale were two favourites.

What fabulous places to learn your first pedal strokes.

Lowther biking shotgun and the Cliburn woods balance bike expedition!


Meeting up with Omi, we give the shotgun biking another go around the grounds of Lowther park, Whale and Askham. Some hills, some puddles, some bumpies, some quiet roads, makes for a good second introduction.

After a good hours ride Evie warms up with a very special babychino and a sausage in the cafe. Powered up she is ready for a good run around!

Practicing her jumping, and a good place to play peekaboo, it is hard to get her to say bye bye to Omi, but we have other friends to go and meet this afternoon.

Back in the car and on to the woods at Cliburn, which is great for some flat balance biking .

We meet up with Jess and Osh, as well as Liz with the twinnies and Charlie. Charlie speeds off on his bike, but he does have pedals to turn, whilst Evie tries to keep up with Osh and Jacob and Isaac chill out.

Deep in conversation comparing bikes and discussing skill techniques!

Nothing more exciting (and slowing) than an offshoot path!

Snack time in a woodland den. A good base to explore from on foot to.

Back on the bikes, although they are now all starting to need some coercing. Evie and Osh enjoy playing catch and crash for a while…..

… and then they give up – enough biking for one day! But a rather sweet walk back to the car.

What a lovely day all round.

The Shotgun Saddles first trip out

Having waited patiently for our replacement and then for the weather to improve, Evie and me finally got to try out our Christmas present, the Shotgun Saddle and mini-bars so we can do more exciting cycling together.

We headed out with Claire and Oliver, who have the same set-up and were slightly more practiced. Setting off from Keswick up the Latrigg-Underskiddaw path, it was a steep climb / push up. We then came across some very muddy patches and Evie and Oliver went for a run down the path as we pushed our way through.

Overall a successful first ride out, especially as it was far more bumpy and muddy than anticipated.

After all that excitement and a swim as well it was definitely time for an ice cream!

Followed by more biking and a trip to the park.

Good fun day!!

Getting to grips with the bike!

Meeting up over the Christmas holidays with Sam and Paula, Evie has her first proper attempt at balance biking.

Evie picks up some important bike skills from her buddy Sam who is already whizzing around!

They enjoy going around the trees and of course through the muddy puddles.

Got to save a bit of energy for throwing stones in the lake.

Having finished with stone throwing they are ready to head back. Some biking, and some mummy carrying the bike!!

A good first proper ride out though!

Beans first mountain bike ride 26/03/19

There is no doubting that Evie has so far enjoyed her experiences of cycling. She will bring her helmet to us and point to a bike.

Then Evie was given a baby trike. So we thought it was worth a try. And she loves it!

We took her us a nearby bridle way and the bumps didn’t bother her a jot!

And so begins the new adventures of Evie on her own bike.

Setting up The Chariot

When Evie was 4 months old I purchased the Chariot for a few bottles of wine and a new-to-me bike to tow it. Owning it was one thing. Working out how best to use it before Evie has independent sitting balance was another.

Our first trial was a child seat insert, but Evie wasn’t stable enough at her size.

Then I remembered that I’d got an old car seat off Freecycle. Bingo! With a couple of attempts we strapped the car seat in without and give and we were happy. I was very happy and importantly, Evie smiled when we sat her in.

This time is was just a test up the road. Soon to be tested for a ride.