High Seat and High Tove 09/06/19

Setting off from Watendleth it was a steepish start to the walk, but a good path…. to begin with…

Soon into the land of cotton grass, which is very pretty but a sign of what was to come.

Passing the cairn to mark High Tove

Then the landscape got wet. At this pointer we’re still trying to keep our feet dry!

Over this style and then gave up on dry feet!

Finally after lots of trogging through big, we got to the summit, which suddenly get windy and cold!

Evie set off down the track on the way back – until it got too wet underfoot – or overfoot!

Finally back onto a dry path with these pretty little wild flowers amongst the stones.Typical – almost back at the car and Evie decides its time for a sleep!Still, great view to enjoy for us whilst she has a snooze.

A day out around Buttermere 10/05/19

With our friend Winter to stay for a few days, what better place to take her than back to the beautiful bluebells at Rannerdale. A visit to there on this cold May Day seemed a great way to spend an otherwise grey day.

Although Evie was tired and not looking best pleased here, at least this time it wasn’t raining and the blossoms were out which were really beautiful.From there we drove back to Buttermere, had some lunch, and then set off for a walk along the lake path around Buttermere.

Stopping for the odd moment to take in the view, it’s a truely beautiful place.

Also we had a moment of human kindness – a man who we passed in the opposite direction a few minutes previous, was suddenly running back to us carrying one of Evie’s BOGS (wellies). He passed it to us saying it was too cute to leave on the ground, then ran back to his friends. How lovely.

I just had to include a picture of these sheep with their amazing red fringes.

Then finishing the day by sharing an ice cream from Sykes Farm, some of the best homemade ice-cream around the Lakes for sure!

Strangely the ice-cream made Evie really happy!!

Lowther Castle playground

A birthday present for Evie’s 1st birthday is a pass to Lowther Park, as friends informed us that it has a fabulous playground for kids – from toddlers up.

We have already made a couple of visits, sometimes with friends, sometimes on our own.

For a picnic on a nice day, Lowther Castle does make for a great backdrop.

There is also LOTS of space for kids to run around, and as Evie gets older, to bike around.

After our picnic we headed to the playground and I was immediately impressed.

With a toddler area, there were some slides that Evie could manage independently and a baby zip wire which she loved.


And a sandpit….

Never mind the endless ramps to run around and explore…

I think this place could keep us busy with fun packed hours for years yet.

More fun at Lowther – 1st Sep

Lowther is becoming one of our regulars for its playground, ease, cafe…. but we hadn’t previously actually explored the castle.

It took over an hour and a lot of cajoling just to get through the entrance, as the gatehouse was so much fun!

And then there were benches to walk on….

And enormous old rooms to explore!

Then finally we buckled up and went to find the slides and swings for the fun to continue!

Lowther fireworks

Here we are at Lowther Castle, all beautifully lit up for their fireworks display.

We walk ‘the loop’ where the trees are lit up beautifully

And Evie can follow the string of lights all the way round!

The fireworks were truely impressive and they lit the castle up even more. Although not included in our passes, it was well worth the money.

We meet Oliver, who looks mildly scary lit up like this!

The little house is just as enticing in the dark to Evie and Oliver as it is in the daytime – we struggle to get them to keep walking on from here!

Having a bit of a boogie – some good music playing whilst the fireworks not happening.

Definitely one to consider, was far better than anticipated.

Rannerdale bluebells

After a fun swim session and a lovely cafe lunch (picnic aborted due to pouring rain!), where there was fun to be had on an old trike Evie, Sam, Paula and me set of on a very short walk to see the gorgeous Rannerdale bluebells.

Not quite the weather or light for stunning bluebell photography, but dressed in waterproofs and BOGS, Evie and Sam had great fun splashing in all the puddles and wading back and forth through the massive river (small stream).

They spent a little time taking in the beauty of it all to

They even obliged us for a moment, for a photograph in the pretty bluebells.

Once all nicely wet it was time to get into dry kit back at the car and head home .

Dale Head and Hindscarth

Setting off later than planned (as always), I picked this walk as I was hoping to meet Evie’s Auntie Imo on the tops, who was doing a Fell race in the opposite direction to our walk.

A combination of the start time, a very long walk in, and a very steep and therefore slow ascent, meant we didn’t see her. But we did have a lovely day!

Parking in an obscure layby by Birkrigg Farm, we set off through fields on a beautiful warm Easter weekend day. Up a long track until we came to the path that veered off to the right over the stream.

I looked at the stepping stones but didn’t fancy them with a weighty pack on my back, so went for a mildly wet feet river crossing instead.

From that point onwards the uphil was relentless. And because the walk in had taken longer than predicted, by 2/3 of the way up we were both ready for our lunch.

So Evie had a good leg stretch before we were back in the pack up to the summit of Dale Head.

Time for another run around whilst I enjoyed the view.

The next question was Hindscarth, Robinson, both, or straight back down? Having missed Auntie on the top, we didn’t want to miss her completely before she and Sam went home again.

After much indecision we plugged for Hindscarth, making the most of being up high! To do Robinson as well was quite a drop and climb again. And the hours were ticking by.

So on up to Hindscarth and a quick break from the pack for both of us.

Coming down the Hindscarth ridge was not easy with a pack on. Quite a few rocky scrambles meant that the decent took considerably longer than anticipated.

So lots of singing later we finally made the bottom, but we needed a second picnic snack stop and further Evie pack break.

Once over it was an pleasant walk back through the fields, past the lambs, and a gorgeous bank of primroses, to the car.

Time to get to the pub to meet the others and enjoy a well deserved tea!

Underskiddaw (AKA another failed Skiddaw attempt)

Easter Sunday so after a relaxed Easter Breakfast, painting our eggs as is tradition in our family, we set off far too late for a walk.

One day I will learn how walls that look short on maps in reality take many hours.

Parking in Millbeck Underskiddaw, we set off up a very steep path (is any path up Skiddaw not very steep?)

We stopped for a picnic lunch at an outcrop with a gorgeous view over Derwent Water, from a slightly different aspect to what I have seen before. Evie enjoyed a good run around and then we made the decision that despite our height gain, Skiddaw was well and truely out of our sights today.

We toyed with Dodd but from where we were it would have been a big down to go up, to go down and finish a fair way from the car.

So instead we agreed that the best thing was just to enjoy the beauty of the day, give Evie another decent run around, and head back down.

Despite no summits – it was still a very lovely walk and a big effort when carrying a Bean!

Latrigg – 19 April 2019

After starting the day with a swim at Keswick pool and a play in the park with cousin Sam

The bank holiday Friday was so beautiful and warm that we decided to head up a fell that was achievable for Sam.

So parking at the Underskiddaw car park, we set off in search of the Latrigg summit!

Sam and Omi make it up the hill and Evie decides that the day is too exciting for sleep, but this does give the opportunity for some lovely cuddles on top!

A nice place for al to enjoy the view

Evie and Sam enjoy a good run around, and Sam is very good at looking after Evie to make sure she stays safe!

Sam runs down the hill – this time a bit fast for Evie, leaving her to look for him and toddle in her own time.

The inevitable fall happens and a cuddle with Auntie Imo to make everything better

And a nice picture at the viewpoint. Before heading back to the car.

9th December 2019

A winter trip up Latrigg – to cold and too late in the day for anything big, but just enough time to get up and down quickly.

We need lots of warm stuff and once up it’s definitely a day to let Evie run, just so she doesn’t get too cold.

The views are spectacular today, just something else. So golden.

Enjoying the view, but it’s so cold that after a satsuma we are quick to turn around and head back.

Enjoying the colours of the winter sun on the trees on the way down.

Place Fell – 14 April 2019

A great local fell, from which we set off from Patterdale in this cold April morning.

It’s a steady climb up the path to where you get to the first plateau,but gorgeous views all around to keep you going.

Turning left for Place Fell the climb up steepens until you are almost at the top.

Where there was still ice!! So time to put the jackets and hits back on after the climb.

The summit cairn is quite obvious on the top of Place Fell, on a rocky outcrop which makes it difficult to let Evie walk around on.

But she does like to make sure she knows she has visited the summit!

After a little picnic sheltered out of the rain, we decided on a decent down that we had not done before.it was also pretty steep and rocky to, dropping up out just a little way along the lakeshore path.

Another snack and a little chance for Evie to stretch her legs, she certainly does enjoy her walks to. Before finally heading back along to the car, at which point Evie wanted to walk the other way back to the hill…. of course!

Great Dodd, Calfhow Pike, Clough Head – 10/04/19

The forecast was set to be fabulous but cold so my plan was to get out and make the most of the day. Typically the forecast wasn’t quite correct, and the day happened in the opposite weather way round!

Setting off from the Red Head car park, we walked around the old coach road until getting to the long plod up.

A boggy path that just keeps on going, we got to a point where there was a bit of shelter, so I thought it perfect for a picnic.

Turned out Evie was possibly even hungrier than me. Gobbling up one of her date and cashew bars along with other lunch, we were set to continue.

By the summit of Great Dodd the food and motion had had its normal effect and Evie was fast asleep!!

An amazing 360 degree panorama to take in.

At this point I had a decision to make. To head straight back down the way I had come (as planned), or to do a loop. Evie was asleep and the sun came out. So I decided on the loop.

Moving on from Calfhow Pike we had a great view back to Great Dodd.

Onwards and upwards again to Clough Head, where Evie got woken by an enthusiastic dog!

So she got to appreciate the view – what a view! Quite a decent down again to the Old Coach Road. Felt like a bit of a trog back to the car and we needed lots of singing. But there were still some good views and I wonder about the Old Coach Road as a bike ride.

Ingleborough caves 12/04/19

We went over to join our friends who were camping, and the days activity was visiting the Ingleborough Caves and nature trail.

I wasn’t really expecting a lot, but they were really amazing and I would suggest to anyone to visit.

Walking up we passed this old building – don’t know what it was but it had a great doorway! Leo struggles to get down to Evie’s height!

It was then time for a picnic- which in Evie’s case happened wandering around as she won’t sit still ever!

But then she wasn’t the only one to eat on the go!

After lunch there was plenty of time for throwing stones in the river.

After first being told I couldn’t use the carrier, the guide then said I could but that I would need to carry it through the low sections of the cave. So with that sorted, it was time to don the helmets!

The caves roof went from interesting to amazing.

Many a stalagtite hanging down from the ceiling.

And lots of other amazing formations within the cave.

Lucy, Dylan & Louis adventuring.

The biggest of the stalactites to hang out under.

Look closely and you see an amazing reflection in the pool of water. In the guides words, look for the fairytale castle.

Caving over – Evie is reluctant to give up her helmet!

The gang hang out after the caving. Sam, Lil, Gudrun, Lucy, Leo, Louis, Dylan , Luke and of course Evie Bean.

Evie finishes off Leo’s ice cream. One happy girl….

But it did keep her busy whilst the others went exploring in places Evie couldn’t go to, and stopped her trying to follow them under the bridge! On the way back down the trail we came across a massive money tree with a fabulous canopy and great for climbing (or going under).

After all that adventuring and a quick visit to the campsite for a cuppa and more playing, it was time for a good sleep in the car on the way home.

Lovely day had by all.