Watching a fell race – 7/9/19

Auntie Imo was doing a big fell race local to us – The Grizedale Horseshoe- so we thought we would go and watch. It turned into a fun packed afternoon following a morning of jobs.

We walked against the flow of the race down the beautiful Grizedale valley to get to the river crossing, where we made it in time to watch the runners cross the river,

Including Auntie Imo

Of course then Evie HAD to go in the river, fall in the river, need a change of clothes…. before heading to the finish line.watching the runners last rediculously steep climb up

We took the gentler route up past Lantys Tarn, which had gorgeous reflections

At the finish line we finally (all previous plans having gone wrong) met cousin Sam and Omi, and went for some well deserved late lunch for all.

Walking back to Patterdale we came across a secret door!

And then we finished our afternoon meeting up with Daddy and going for a gentle paddle board.

Action packed, we headed home ready for sleeps.

The Edinburgh Fringe- August 2019

After years of meaning to go, it takes my daughter to drag me off for a city break to the Edinburgh festival!

We are off in the bus for our two day adventure.

First stop is the craft markets and a nice garden, where we start our Christmas shopping and takes in views of the castle.

Extra full of life, this string quintet take the stage on some random steps up a bendy street and are very talented. So we stop for lunch opposite to enjoy their music.Evie studies most of the poster boards that we pass (a lot!) and generally does 1-2 full circles around each one to ensure they are fully studied!

Then we come across these stretchy mirrors so enjoy playing with our images a while.

Mini Evie and mini mummy

Walking up to the castle, where we are allowed past the first set of gates. When Evie’s older we can come back and see the tattoo and visit the castle properly.

Back down the cobbled royal street….

…. stopping to appreciate most of the buskers en route…… having a little fancy if they are good!

Then having a dance on a roundabout… of course!

Into one of the big garden set ups, that’s better, benches to walk along.

Omi takes Evie home whilst I meet Paul, my cousin for a show. On the way home we encounter a silent disco walking the streets – bizarre but cool. Maybe one day…

The next morning we go and see Mr Men and Little Miss show, and Evie manages half an hour before sitting is just too much. But we hang around, she runs off some energy and then Little Miss Naughty come out so Evie gets to meet her personally!

Time for some lunch after all that running around before heading home

Running round and round the upside down cow!

How exhausting!! So exhausted she didn’t even realise a bus journey occurred!

Hope to see you again soon Edinburgh.

Small water walk and swim – 13/08/19

A walk that I did many many times as a toddler and child, it was lovely to take Evie to small water just as she is starting to want to walk.

This time she was happy to stay in the pack for the way up, meaning we got up there with time to spare. Good job as there was an alternative motive as well.

Evie munched some food as both her mummy and her Omi had moments of madness, and on this wet and windy day, went for a dip in the Tarn.

Evie watched on, and then we went for an explore to the sheep houses!

Wellies that fit today made splashing in puddles much easier!! Great fun when the puddles were almost rivers!

Then Bean surprises up both by walking all the way down back the the car (with the odd 1-2-3 swing and occasional carry).

So after all that walking, jumping and splashing she should definitely be tired. I don’t think it made a jot of difference – bedtime came no earlier!

Bowscale Tarn for an evening stroll – 14/08/19

On a cloudy August evening, fed up of being stuck inside after some wet days, we packed a post-work picnic a set off for a walk.

It wasn’t long before Evie wanted out of the rucksack and to join in on some walking action!!

And along with walking came serious rock climbing!

Far too difficult in big wellies – much easier to tackle in socks….

After a good bit of time, and a few protests to being carried to speed the process up, we finally made it to the lovely Bowscale Tarn for our picnic and evening swim.

A refreshing dip for me and a paddle for Omi & Evie

It made a lovely reflection on the water which was even better in the water….

Quite late (past bedtime – what’s that?) we started our descent. Evie really wanted to walk and play on each and every rock. It was a long walk down!!

But eventually the pack summoned and Evie was ready and it was time for going home to bed.

Down at the lake – July 2019

We had a week where after work the weather was so nice that routine was let go and we headed down to Ullswater for some lake fun

One evening was paddling, stone throwing (a swim for mummy) and an unsuccessful picnic; too much going on to want to eat!

Then we had our first venture out solo on the paddle board – not so sure at first – we kept super shallow.

But then Evie settled happily into it so long as she was securely wrapped in my legs!

Hopefully the first of many paddle board adventures to come!

A walk up Penrith Beacon

When we lived in Penrith this was a pre-Evie regular. But amazingly we haven’t gone up it since.

Meeting friends, Paula and Sam, Paula and Willow and Helen and Bella, we set off up the Beacon and soon released our toddling minis to make their way up.

marching their way up, with plenty of rests!!

It’s was slow progress, but they did keep going.

Just for a brief moment they hold hands to walk.

And then finally with a little help….

Their very own summit! They sit still just long enough to capture this before going off to explore the tower.

And here we all are, you can’t expect everyone to look at once!!

It was fun – see you again soon Penrith Beacon!

Warton Crag, Carnforth- 29/06/19

Meeting kind of in the middle, we met Auntie Imo and Cousin Sam at Warton Crag for a walk and picnic.

Setting off from a car park that looked more like a quarry, my expectations were low! However after walking up through a few trees, suddenly the view opened up to a stunning vista and the meadow towers on the crag were beautiful.

A great place with tiny paths for the kids to run around in a world of gassy adventure.

Some scrambling to be had for the bigger kids!! These rocks slightly too big for Evie yet.

Not quite the turret we thought on the top, but a good cairn to sit on!

For those tired moments when the legs have done enough running for a bit, Sam takes a break and rides Auntie Imo’s shoulders!

Then how much more fun can you have than a big pile of sawdust to dance in!

This is the walk when, through playing lots of chase with Sam, Evie learns to ROAR!!! She managed such a scary roar that she even frightened Sam and he thought we were going to eat his mummy!! Towards the end, there were downhill running races to be had!! As we stood and clapped the runners on….

A place I would definitely recommend if you are after a short but pleasing stroll in the area.