Snow trip to Austria – March 2020

We have made it to the Newcastle ferry via picking up some fish and chips locally, which we sat and enjoyed on the sunny decks of the ferry.

We set sail and wave goodbye to the port as the sun dips in the sky. Evie enjoys a good run around the open decks with lots of benches to jump off.

Inside there is a pirates soft play to enjoy, with balloons and drawings and even someone to paint faces.

The next morning we are off the ferry and in the car, with plenty of time for Evie to practice wearing her glasses! She does enjoy sporting them this way up.

We arrive late but the next day there is plenty of energy for running in the fields near the house whilst mummy and daddy go up the mountain.

Evie is well prepared for her walk into Alpbach town!

Where she can enjoy a drink!

Evie spots a neighbours house decoration – it takes her a little while to realise that this thin deer is not suitable for riding, despite being the perfect height!

Evie and Omi make a trip up the mountain to visit mummy and daddy.

We enjoy a hot chocolate and Gluwein in the mountain cafe.

Evie wonders at daddy….. what on earth are you doing daddy??

Taking in the beautiful views as well as wondering at all these people dashing everywhere.

She gets back in the lift and mummy races them to the lifts middle station – making it just in time to jump in and travel down in the lift together.

Down at the bottom Evie has a little go on her own mini skis. Enjoyable for a short period!

Not as enjoyable as eating pizza for lunch though – daddy I am not sharing this – it’s mine!

Another day and back enjoying the snowy park!

Looking at the choo choo, where the friendly driver gave me a chocolate. Later in the week Evie gets to ride on it.

However the shop is really quite a highlight – with perfect Evie size trolleys….

Or cars to drive around the supermarket!

Celebrating the day with a big prost.Another afternoon, with a little go on the skis again before instead trying sledging.

Bum boards a ready, whizzing down with daddy.

All good fun but never as fun as a slide….

Or a run….

Or a picnic on the balcony with baby!

Visiting the ducks

And of course getting to grips with her glasses!!

What a busy week it has been, not to mention the trips to the Pirates ship at the local Wörgl Wasserweld water park. More than a swimming pool – an aquatic world of adventure and relaxation for all that visit.

Time to wave goodbye to the beautiful mountains – it’s been a lovely holiday and thank you to Omi for looking after me and allowing mummy and daddy to go and enjoy the snowy mountains.

Evie’s first real snow time – Feb 2020

We wake up to snow!! And I bought a sledge. I’m more excited than anyone as I bundle us all into our warm kit over our pyjamas.

Evie’s first time on a sledge (she refuses gloves). Not sure at first but then she loves is and soon it’s more more and wheeeeee. So that’s good news!Us as daddy pulls us up the road!

It’s melting fast but Evie tries to drive her car in the snow!!

They next day we manage a very short ride on a snowy Askham Fell. It was too cold to go far but we enjoyed our fresh air and then went to Omis to warm up!

Another morning – this time too snowy to drive to work first thing, so we bundle up warm again and get the sledge our again

Evie in her new hat and with her new walking poles, trudging in the snow in her PJs before its even light!

Time to go in for porridge and warm up!