A walk up Penrith Beacon

When we lived in Penrith this was a pre-Evie regular. But amazingly we haven’t gone up it since.

Meeting friends, Paula and Sam, Paula and Willow and Helen and Bella, we set off up the Beacon and soon released our toddling minis to make their way up.

marching their way up, with plenty of rests!!

It’s was slow progress, but they did keep going.

Just for a brief moment they hold hands to walk.

And then finally with a little help….

Their very own summit! They sit still just long enough to capture this before going off to explore the tower.

And here we all are, you can’t expect everyone to look at once!!

It was fun – see you again soon Penrith Beacon!

High Pike – 14/07/19

A walk out in a different part of the Lakes, we set off up the old mine tracks from Caldbeck Common towards High Pike, with a loaded backpack of Evie Bean and her friends!

It’s not long before Bean decides that today she wants to walk! So walk a while she does, before another short spell in the pack.

Despite it not being a particularly long walk, we have another stop before the summit for lunch and more play.

Evie practices her Nordic walking…

And then she falls to sleep for the summit!!

But awake again by the time we get back to the car, and playful…. come on Evie, it’s time to go home

Warton Crag, Carnforth- 29/06/19

Meeting kind of in the middle, we met Auntie Imo and Cousin Sam at Warton Crag for a walk and picnic.

Setting off from a car park that looked more like a quarry, my expectations were low! However after walking up through a few trees, suddenly the view opened up to a stunning vista and the meadow towers on the crag were beautiful.

A great place with tiny paths for the kids to run around in a world of gassy adventure.

Some scrambling to be had for the bigger kids!! These rocks slightly too big for Evie yet.

Not quite the turret we thought on the top, but a good cairn to sit on!

For those tired moments when the legs have done enough running for a bit, Sam takes a break and rides Auntie Imo’s shoulders!

Then how much more fun can you have than a big pile of sawdust to dance in!

This is the walk when, through playing lots of chase with Sam, Evie learns to ROAR!!! She managed such a scary roar that she even frightened Sam and he thought we were going to eat his mummy!! Towards the end, there were downhill running races to be had!! As we stood and clapped the runners on….

A place I would definitely recommend if you are after a short but pleasing stroll in the area.

Red Pike 26-06-19

A hot hot day for a walk and not quite as planned (missing the friends we arranged to walk with), we set off for Bleaberry tarn and Red Pike.

The path is steep and unrelenting from the outset, but at least the first bit was in forest.

Once out of the forest the views are beautiful but in the heat the incline was tough.

Stopping for some lunch at Bleaberry Tarn and for Evie to have a run around. I would have been amazing to jump in, but not possible yet when we are on our own and she is still just 15 months.

Evie decides its her turn to use the poles to walk!

Finally packing up, I made the decision to continue heading up for the summit.

Leaving Bleaberry Tarn behind it is another steep climb, starting out on manageable steps. Close to the top this turns to loose scree and on more than one occasion I was very close to turning around.

After a lot of scrambling and a huge amount of care we did eventually make the top. Having gained all this height it seemed a shame to turn around and head straight down. But we had arranged to meet daddy at Greystoke Pool for a swim, so turnaround we did.

Eventually time for Evie to have her afternoon snooze whilst I took the steep descent carefully back down the hill. We both dreamt of the refreshing waters of the pool!

High Seat and High Tove 09/06/19

Setting off from Watendleth it was a steepish start to the walk, but a good path…. to begin with…

Soon into the land of cotton grass, which is very pretty but a sign of what was to come.

Passing the cairn to mark High Tove

Then the landscape got wet. At this pointer we’re still trying to keep our feet dry!

Over this style and then gave up on dry feet!

Finally after lots of trogging through big, we got to the summit, which suddenly get windy and cold!

Evie set off down the track on the way back – until it got too wet underfoot – or overfoot!

Finally back onto a dry path with these pretty little wild flowers amongst the stones.Typical – almost back at the car and Evie decides its time for a sleep!Still, great view to enjoy for us whilst she has a snooze.

A day out around Buttermere 10/05/19

With our friend Winter to stay for a few days, what better place to take her than back to the beautiful bluebells at Rannerdale. A visit to there on this cold May Day seemed a great way to spend an otherwise grey day.

Although Evie was tired and not looking best pleased here, at least this time it wasn’t raining and the blossoms were out which were really beautiful.From there we drove back to Buttermere, had some lunch, and then set off for a walk along the lake path around Buttermere.

Stopping for the odd moment to take in the view, it’s a truely beautiful place.

Also we had a moment of human kindness – a man who we passed in the opposite direction a few minutes previous, was suddenly running back to us carrying one of Evie’s BOGS (wellies). He passed it to us saying it was too cute to leave on the ground, then ran back to his friends. How lovely.

I just had to include a picture of these sheep with their amazing red fringes.

Then finishing the day by sharing an ice cream from Sykes Farm, some of the best homemade ice-cream around the Lakes for sure!

Strangely the ice-cream made Evie really happy!!

Rannerdale bluebells

After a fun swim session and a lovely cafe lunch (picnic aborted due to pouring rain!), where there was fun to be had on an old trike Evie, Sam, Paula and me set of on a very short walk to see the gorgeous Rannerdale bluebells.

Not quite the weather or light for stunning bluebell photography, but dressed in waterproofs and BOGS, Evie and Sam had great fun splashing in all the puddles and wading back and forth through the massive river (small stream).

They spent a little time taking in the beauty of it all to

They even obliged us for a moment, for a photograph in the pretty bluebells.

Once all nicely wet it was time to get into dry kit back at the car and head home .