Christmas arty party

It’s the mini’s Christmas meet up and for this we chose Rag Tags community art store, which is hidden away at the bottom of a bumpy track.

Evie and her buddy Oliver get cracking on their crown making upstairs

Then one of Evie favourite things, getti her face painted!

Crown and face paint – what more could you want?

Most of Evie’s little buddies.

Bella, Sam, Oliver, Evie, Jacob, Isaac and Evan

Evie clings to me when Santa appears and refuses outright to visit him in his grotto!

Tinsel-tastic fun Charlie and Oliver and ‘do’ tinsel big time

Whilst Evie decides that she wants Bellas present!

Final group photo before its time to finish the fun. Happy Christmas 2019 minis.

Askham Fell – 15 Dec 2019

Waking up to snow, we’ve arranged to meet up with Lou, Iwan and Evan, so we agree to go and search out the snow, as there was none in Pooley Bridge itself.

We may not be heading high but we managed to find some crunch underfoot on Askham Fell – just wished I’d had a sledge with me!

Lou and Evan heading up

Iwan, Tim (with a perfectly good backpack) and Seamus waif for us whilst Evie rides my shoulders, being now too tired too walk. heading down, there’s a good sized table at Granny Dowbekins cafe and Christmas Sandwich Specials to be enjoyed. Clearly well deserved from our epic winter walk!

Penrith Droving Festival- 26/10/19

It’s that time of the year again to don the masks and head to Penrith to enjoy the festival atmosphere. First stop though is a phenomenal afternoon tea , to celebrate Sally’s birthday, at the Brunswick yard cafe. It was DELICIOUS!! Do treat yourselves.

Even Evie enjoyed it as she had milk to drink from a proper bottle!!

The masks are in – Evie refuses to wear hers, but we enjoyed wearing ours.

We danced to the music , which was very fun.

Evie drove a train at the fairground

We bumped into Paula and Sam and had a little boogie together.

After visiting some stalls and doing some shopping , the Droving started with some entertainment by the fire dancing girl.

Then it was all bells and whistles, drums and bands who processed through the town centre.

Lots to look at….

Or not look at – Evie suddenly felt heavy, and for the first time ever fell asleep on my shoulders

Time to head home – where we could enjoy candles and cake

Happy birthday Sally!

Muncaster Castle – 25th October

It is Evans first birthday celebration and Muncaster Castle near Ravenglass is where we are headed. All dressed for the Halloween special, we are set to go.

This someone mauled leg meets us at reception – this pumpkins must be a dangerous man eating breed.

And then there was a very long monsters leg, crawling out of the lake. Although it was wet, after an indoor lunch we hit the playground for some fun.A short period of the theatre was tolerated by Evie and Willow. Then back outside for more playing.

Time to steal Oliver’s rucksack and carry them both as she strides out towards the big house…Racing down the pathEvie, Bella and Oliver in the gallows! Firing of the canons before heading into the big house to cause complete mayhem! What big rooms to run around in. Bella and Evie try and escape! But the big windows keep them inside.

Oliver pumkin chases around

And Evie finds the toy box!

Back outside – it’s been a big day and the minis are all tired. Time to head back to the car.

But wait – what’s that??!!

Best get back to the car quickly before its dark! Time for a much needed snooze! Thanks Evan for picking a fun place for your birthday.

Martin Mere – 20 Oct 2018

Meeting up once again with Auntie Imo and Cousin Sam, this time at Martin Mere RSPB centre near Southport.

Lots of funny birds to get used to – not quite sure straight away. Omi leads the way in feeding the birds.

Lots of beautiful geese, who were keen for our food!

Enjoying looking over the bridge as the birds swimming underneath.

A beautiful black swan swims under the bridge and says hello!

Time for a short rest after all that bird feeding!

More pretty and interesting ducks and waders.

A documented first – Evie asks Auntie Imo for her hand and happily walks off. Nice for this to finally happen.

But no hand is as good as Sams hand today.

Evie and Sam and the big bears.

More ducks to feed.time to run off and play hide and seek.

More pretty birds!

Family cuddle.

Time to say goodbye to the ducks and go to the park for a play!

Round in the spinner!

Time to say goodbye, but Evie doesn’t want to – she wants to go home with Sam!

See you soon. We enjoyed all the colourful birds and a great place to run around today

Ullswater with the twinnies 19/10/19

After starting the morning taking in the art exhibition by a Maria Burton and enjoying some cake, we went to meet Liz and the twinnies, Isaac and Jacob.

Also enjoying a walk out.

We make it to the lake just in time for the drizzle to set in as we get out our picnic!!

Some tourists who are packing up their tent kindly offered us the use of their kayak, so we had a short trip out on the lake in the rain!

This led to tired minis who just needed a good sleep after their adventures.

We say goodbye and leave the twinnies watching a local football match!!

Acorn Bank for Halloween- 18/10/19

After our morning at forest school we head to Acorn Bank for their pumpkin trail.

Some lovely pumpkins but Evie, Willow and Oliver are more interested in the little house!

And they also love the tiny houses!

Who lives in here??

Back into the house – hello!!!

Underneath the giant oak – a beautiful picture

Time to enjoy the puddles before some well earned food.

Never wanting to leave!!

We will have to come and visit again soon!

Small Water – 14/10/19

This was a special walk day – a walk that I have done since I was toddler. And it was Evie’s biggest walk yet . We headed up to small water where I enjoyed a swim.

Taking in the beautiful grasses.

Evie then enjoyed walked all the way back down, thinking nothing of the tricky terrain.

Very independent with her walking!

Getting a little tired – but she made it!

Another celebration!

Watching a fell race – 7/9/19

Auntie Imo was doing a big fell race local to us – The Grizedale Horseshoe- so we thought we would go and watch. It turned into a fun packed afternoon following a morning of jobs.

We walked against the flow of the race down the beautiful Grizedale valley to get to the river crossing, where we made it in time to watch the runners cross the river,

Including Auntie Imo

Of course then Evie HAD to go in the river, fall in the river, need a change of clothes…. before heading to the finish line.watching the runners last rediculously steep climb up

We took the gentler route up past Lantys Tarn, which had gorgeous reflections

At the finish line we finally (all previous plans having gone wrong) met cousin Sam and Omi, and went for some well deserved late lunch for all.

Walking back to Patterdale we came across a secret door!

And then we finished our afternoon meeting up with Daddy and going for a gentle paddle board.

Action packed, we headed home ready for sleeps.

The Edinburgh Fringe- August 2019

After years of meaning to go, it takes my daughter to drag me off for a city break to the Edinburgh festival!

We are off in the bus for our two day adventure.

First stop is the craft markets and a nice garden, where we start our Christmas shopping and takes in views of the castle.

Extra full of life, this string quintet take the stage on some random steps up a bendy street and are very talented. So we stop for lunch opposite to enjoy their music.Evie studies most of the poster boards that we pass (a lot!) and generally does 1-2 full circles around each one to ensure they are fully studied!

Then we come across these stretchy mirrors so enjoy playing with our images a while.

Mini Evie and mini mummy

Walking up to the castle, where we are allowed past the first set of gates. When Evie’s older we can come back and see the tattoo and visit the castle properly.

Back down the cobbled royal street….

…. stopping to appreciate most of the buskers en route…… having a little fancy if they are good!

Then having a dance on a roundabout… of course!

Into one of the big garden set ups, that’s better, benches to walk along.

Omi takes Evie home whilst I meet Paul, my cousin for a show. On the way home we encounter a silent disco walking the streets – bizarre but cool. Maybe one day…

The next morning we go and see Mr Men and Little Miss show, and Evie manages half an hour before sitting is just too much. But we hang around, she runs off some energy and then Little Miss Naughty come out so Evie gets to meet her personally!

Time for some lunch after all that running around before heading home

Running round and round the upside down cow!

How exhausting!! So exhausted she didn’t even realise a bus journey occurred!

Hope to see you again soon Edinburgh.