Aira Force – perfect for a very wet day!

When you have a run of very wet days, eventually you just need to get outside no matter what. Around here, in the shelter of the trees, with the dramatic Aira Force, this makes for a perfect outing.

The bubas are ready to go!

After a good walk around we finished at the base of Aira Force, which we agreed was the most dramatic that either of us have ever seen it.

Back at the car and the fresh air was obviously exhausting for Evie and Oliver!

A cousins day out – 10/11/18

A treat from Grandma for the cousins, we headed out on a damp November day to Derwent Water and onto a ferry.

The ferry was pretty full so we all jumped onto a small seat and cuddled up!

Grandma gets her cuddles to….

After a nice ferry journey seeing Derwent Water from a different perspective, it was time to move on to the 2nd part of the day.

Alpaca feeding!

This is a must for kids and adults alike and I think we all loved it, especially Sam once he got used to the alpacas coming close!

Evie just wondered what an Earth was happening all around her!!

Thanks Grandma – what a treat of a day .

A Christmas walk around the base of Hallin Fell

On a damp December morning we set off for a Christmas walk with Evie’s new baby friends (Bella, Willow, Oliver and Evan) and their mummy’s (Helen, Paula, Claire and Lou).

Parking at St Peters Church in Martindale, with the normal faff factor of multiple mums and babies, we set off down towards Howtown with the wind and rain on our backs.

What used to be one of my favourite easy off road runs makes a nice easy walk with a baby in a pack and lovely views without going up, perfect for wet weather days.

The other nice thing about this walk is it’s circular. On nicer days there are a number of gorgeous picnic and swimming spots and even a cliff jump into Ullswater. Maybe save that for when this bunch are a bit older!

Of course a damp walk must be rewarded with a nice cafe for a warm up tea and food! Granny Dowbekins in Pooley Bridge fulfils this job very nicely, especially with a big table and multiple high chairs.

This is where the Christmas outfits could finally be shown off !

Moel Famau – stunning views on a stunning Autumnal day (20/10/18)

A great place in North Wales for an easy walk with stunning views, starting from the car park just up from Loggerheads.

The sun was out so a family walk on this beautiful day was a must, with the sun bringing out the best of the colours.

Evie was fast asleep and snoring in my ear for the first part of the walk, but then woke up to enjoy the top

Arriving at the busy top, where there is a great 360 degree view from the tower for miles around

Time for a much deserved snack for Evie (having made it to the top awake!)

Then back down through the trees that are all turning

And back to the car across the wibbly bridge! Nice playground for when Evie is older….

A glorious October day

We woke to a beautiful sunrise and a forecasted amazing day.

How to make the most of it (apart from drying 3 loads of washing?!).

I decided to get out the bike and Chariot and cycle us to Penrith to get the food shopping and, most importantly, take Evie to Rattle and Drum, a session she seems to love.

Even better, whilst I was enjoying the biking and the colours, she had two good morning sleeps!

Then (after more washing), I met up with Jess and her Osh, and we walked along Haweswater to the Forces.

We had a nice picnic and I believe the bubas enjoy each other’s company, Evie slightly frustrated that she can’t yet walk to chase Osh around. A great place to enjoy the autumn colours and listen to the deer rutting.

Then onwards, we said bye to Jess & Osh and Tim came and met us at Pooley Bridge for an amazing sunset.

He and Evie chilled

I swam (brrrrr – getting cold in there)

And then after a lot of excitement in one day, it was time for home, bath and tea!

Haweswater lakeside path

With just a couple of hours to get some fresh air and not the weather for going up, the path along Haweswater from Burnbanks often hits the spot. And at this time of year the colours are beautiful even when the weather isn’t!

All prepped in warmth and waterproof, we are now very much into using the rucksack

However, I’m finding I need to use different muscles (my glutes +++) to the sling so we are steadily building back up again with distance and inclines. This path is again perfect for that, as it gently undulates with beautiful views.

Today we only went to a bit beyond the forces

Enough to see the tops were in cloud anyway (always makes turning around easier!)

And home for tea as we now need to think about actual food for Evie….. life is moving on too rapidly!

Foraging the hedgerows

It’s all about timing!

I did well on timing the foraging outing on the bike with Evie’s sleep. I did badly (by at least two weeks) of timing the fruit picking. The rosehips are softening and I only found a handful of blackberries.

We started out and took every opportunity to pick fruit, meaning that Evie could help with the rosehips and elderberries!

Then with the eye rubbing, it was time to tuck her up and do some cycling to get her to sleep

Continuing along the way, the bushes were abundant in elderberries and crab apples

The Chariot was useful for carrying the jam pan to collect the fruit in, in the ‘boot’ with the nappy change bag!

Though the wind was strong, the views were gorgeous. Definitely feeling autumnal

Quite tired when I got home, well timed as Evie woke up!! Ready to make the hedgerow jelly jam when I get a spare moment!