Aura – Kendal

The ultimate soft play – fun for all and a great way to spend a morning with the minis and mums.

Evie and Bella climb the roller ramp – quite a feat for a mini!

Evie’s favourite – a swing

Claire and Paula chill in the mammoth hammocks

The quiet fish room, beds, hammocks, fluffy things and fish projected onto the walls – very relaxing .

Time for food, turns out they were all hungry!

Evie pushes Oliver on the indoor zip wire.

Into the enormous ball pit, big enough to fit a few adults and kids into.

I’d like to say relaxing…. but actually it was the sleeping bunnies song (in a relaxation room!)

A group photo – almost impossible but definitely asking too much to get everyone looking and saying CHEESE!

Great times all – we will definitely be back.

Christmas arty party

It’s the mini’s Christmas meet up and for this we chose Rag Tags community art store, which is hidden away at the bottom of a bumpy track.

Evie and her buddy Oliver get cracking on their crown making upstairs

Then one of Evie favourite things, getti her face painted!

Crown and face paint – what more could you want?

Most of Evie’s little buddies.

Bella, Sam, Oliver, Evie, Jacob, Isaac and Evan

Evie clings to me when Santa appears and refuses outright to visit him in his grotto!

Tinsel-tastic fun Charlie and Oliver and ‘do’ tinsel big time

Whilst Evie decides that she wants Bellas present!

Final group photo before its time to finish the fun. Happy Christmas 2019 minis.