Great Dodd, Calfhow Pike, Clough Head – 10/04/19

The forecast was set to be fabulous but cold so my plan was to get out and make the most of the day. Typically the forecast wasn’t quite correct, and the day happened in the opposite weather way round!

Setting off from the Red Head car park, we walked around the old coach road until getting to the long plod up.

A boggy path that just keeps on going, we got to a point where there was a bit of shelter, so I thought it perfect for a picnic.

Turned out Evie was possibly even hungrier than me. Gobbling up one of her date and cashew bars along with other lunch, we were set to continue.

By the summit of Great Dodd the food and motion had had its normal effect and Evie was fast asleep!!

An amazing 360 degree panorama to take in.

At this point I had a decision to make. To head straight back down the way I had come (as planned), or to do a loop. Evie was asleep and the sun came out. So I decided on the loop.

Moving on from Calfhow Pike we had a great view back to Great Dodd.

Onwards and upwards again to Clough Head, where Evie got woken by an enthusiastic dog!

So she got to appreciate the view – what a view! Quite a decent down again to the Old Coach Road. Felt like a bit of a trog back to the car and we needed lots of singing. But there were still some good views and I wonder about the Old Coach Road as a bike ride.

Ingleborough caves 12/04/19

We went over to join our friends who were camping, and the days activity was visiting the Ingleborough Caves and nature trail.

I wasn’t really expecting a lot, but they were really amazing and I would suggest to anyone to visit.

Walking up we passed this old building – don’t know what it was but it had a great doorway! Leo struggles to get down to Evie’s height!

It was then time for a picnic- which in Evie’s case happened wandering around as she won’t sit still ever!

But then she wasn’t the only one to eat on the go!

After lunch there was plenty of time for throwing stones in the river.

After first being told I couldn’t use the carrier, the guide then said I could but that I would need to carry it through the low sections of the cave. So with that sorted, it was time to don the helmets!

The caves roof went from interesting to amazing.

Many a stalagtite hanging down from the ceiling.

And lots of other amazing formations within the cave.

Lucy, Dylan & Louis adventuring.

The biggest of the stalactites to hang out under.

Look closely and you see an amazing reflection in the pool of water. In the guides words, look for the fairytale castle.

Caving over – Evie is reluctant to give up her helmet!

The gang hang out after the caving. Sam, Lil, Gudrun, Lucy, Leo, Louis, Dylan , Luke and of course Evie Bean.

Evie finishes off Leo’s ice cream. One happy girl….

But it did keep her busy whilst the others went exploring in places Evie couldn’t go to, and stopped her trying to follow them under the bridge! On the way back down the trail we came across a massive money tree with a fabulous canopy and great for climbing (or going under).

After all that adventuring and a quick visit to the campsite for a cuppa and more playing, it was time for a good sleep in the car on the way home.

Lovely day had by all.

Castlerigg stone circle

After an aborted walk with Beth & Evie up Skiddaw due to very cold winds, I took them to see Castlerigg Stone Circle on the way home, as it was a stunner of a day (just very cold!).

Maybe the cold had put the majority of the other tourists off, as it was amazingly quiet.

Evie has a good chat into Beth’s ear filling her in on the history of the place, before leaving for home.

Beans first mountain bike ride 26/03/19

There is no doubting that Evie has so far enjoyed her experiences of cycling. She will bring her helmet to us and point to a bike.

Then Evie was given a baby trike. So we thought it was worth a try. And she loves it!

We took her us a nearby bridle way and the bumps didn’t bother her a jot!

And so begins the new adventures of Evie on her own bike.

St Sunday’s Crag and Birks – 29/03/19

A beautiful blue skies spring morning – perfect for a walk with friends and ticking off another couple of Wainwright’s with the bubas.

Meeting in Patterdale, despite the warmth in the valley, Oliver, Evie and Sam are wrapped up all snug for our walk. Ready to go mummies!

Setting out up the hill – watching out for their heads under this tree!

A steep climb up, but it did mean that we quickly gained some views.

Stopping half way up for a picnic, the tummies needed filling….

And Sam fed his lunch to Roxy!

Then time for the bubas to have a little potter…

…. before time to pack up again and head to the summit.

Stunning views at the top

Finally we get the the summit

Another walk around for the babies

And a cairn scramble

And this is just too cute! What are they talking about??

After two tearful falls it was time to head back down – we came down over the top of Birks

Even from this lower fell the view was still amazing

The knees knew about it going down, a very steep descent. As did the ears! I think it’s true to say that we did more singing coming down to keep the babies happy. They had about had enough of the packs.

But it was all well worth it, a great day out in the fells and a different environment for Evie, Sam & Oliver to run around in.

Grizedale Pike – 28/03/19

Meeting up with Lou & Evan, we could just see the tops as we set off Grizedale Pike.

Lou & Evan March their way up the hill – I thought Evan looked a bit like superman!

We didn’t hang around long on the summit as it was a cold wind.

But long enough for a piccie on the summit!

So many glorious views all around it was hard to decide the backdrop for our summit photo!!

Mummy & mini !!

Hunger called on the way back down, so we stopped for a little picnic on the slope.

Once we had said our goodbyes to Lou & Evan and played a bit of chase, Evie and me settled down for our 2nd lunch picnic in Keswick park. Was a lovely warm spring afternoon, before toddling off to Keswick markets for a shop.

Bowscale Fell – 25/03/19

Too nice a day for my normal Monday activity of a short ‘mummy’s walk’, I decided to take Evie on a walk I hadn’t done before.

I was glad that the washed away path from the floods of 2015 had been replaced so I didn’t have to get wet feet walking through the big at the start of the walk!

Evie fell to sleep quite quickly giving me a peaceful ascent and getting to enjoy looking up and across at the Bannerdale Crags.

At the top Blencathra peeked into view.

Turning around there were great views back down into the Mungrisdale valley that we had come from.

Evie was still asleep at the top…..

So I woke her up for lunch! After lunch Evie enjoyed a walk…

And because it was such a safe summit, she spent nearly an hour walking, exploring…

…. and climbing!

For me it was just a perfect morning with my amazing Bean, who is developing at such a pace I can hardly keep up!

After such a big romp at the top, she had another good slew on the way back down!