Ingleborough caves 12/04/19

We went over to join our friends who were camping, and the days activity was visiting the Ingleborough Caves and nature trail.

I wasn’t really expecting a lot, but they were really amazing and I would suggest to anyone to visit.

Walking up we passed this old building – don’t know what it was but it had a great doorway! Leo struggles to get down to Evie’s height!

It was then time for a picnic- which in Evie’s case happened wandering around as she won’t sit still ever!

But then she wasn’t the only one to eat on the go!

After lunch there was plenty of time for throwing stones in the river.

After first being told I couldn’t use the carrier, the guide then said I could but that I would need to carry it through the low sections of the cave. So with that sorted, it was time to don the helmets!

The caves roof went from interesting to amazing.

Many a stalagtite hanging down from the ceiling.

And lots of other amazing formations within the cave.

Lucy, Dylan & Louis adventuring.

The biggest of the stalactites to hang out under.

Look closely and you see an amazing reflection in the pool of water. In the guides words, look for the fairytale castle.

Caving over – Evie is reluctant to give up her helmet!

The gang hang out after the caving. Sam, Lil, Gudrun, Lucy, Leo, Louis, Dylan , Luke and of course Evie Bean.

Evie finishes off Leo’s ice cream. One happy girl….

But it did keep her busy whilst the others went exploring in places Evie couldn’t go to, and stopped her trying to follow them under the bridge! On the way back down the trail we came across a massive money tree with a fabulous canopy and great for climbing (or going under).

After all that adventuring and a quick visit to the campsite for a cuppa and more playing, it was time for a good sleep in the car on the way home.

Lovely day had by all.