Kendal Calling festival

One week on and we hit the festival scene again, this time much closer to home. No need to camp which was a good thing because it did turn into a mudfest !

For the first day our new friends, Claire and her son Oliver, came to help look after Evie whilst went to teach my Pilates class. Festivals were a first for them to, so thankfully the weather was fine and the ground buggy friendly on this day.

After wondering around and watching some music, Claire & Oliver left us and Tim joined us to see ‘James’ play.

We hung out a little bit the following evening, but the weather had turned and the rain started. The Bundlebean came out for Evie, and after some food whilst sheltering from the heavy rain, saw a little music, we headed home.

The final day, was rain & mud! Evie stayed at home!