High Pike – 14/07/19

A walk out in a different part of the Lakes, we set off up the old mine tracks from Caldbeck Common towards High Pike, with a loaded backpack of Evie Bean and her friends!

It’s not long before Bean decides that today she wants to walk! So walk a while she does, before another short spell in the pack.

Despite it not being a particularly long walk, we have another stop before the summit for lunch and more play.

Evie practices her Nordic walking…

And then she falls to sleep for the summit!!

But awake again by the time we get back to the car, and playful…. come on Evie, it’s time to go home

31st August – Another Waynwrights Day

Supporting a local charity ‘Another Way’, Aimee at promoting sustainable living, the 31st August had been in the diary for a long time to walk to the summit of and to teach Pilates on the summit. The aim being to get people doing an activity on the top of every summit and to write their environmental or sustainable living pledge.

Evie got herself and her bag ready for the big day out. The rain cover is already on as it is set to be vile weather!

We have a super turn out for our fell and a very good mix of ages.

After walking up in mainly rain we get to this mildly sheltered spot, the rain stops, the sun makes a small appearance and so we make a group decision that this is a good place for a spot of Pilates!

Evie decides its a good time for a sleep whilst I teach!

Because the weather seems to be fairing up we cut the Pilates short and decide to do more on the summit as per the original plan.

Ha – plan foiled by horrid weather. We instead end up inside of two storm shelters on top so that we at very least write our pledges on the summit! Evie is amazingly still asleep despite the phenomenal noise in the storm shelter from the wind.

She does of course wake on the descent and does some good walking back down the Fell. Well timed as the rain does finally seem to be stopping.

Evie goes to hitch a lift with one of the two really amazing participants of our group who cycled to and from the start in the rain and wind.

Time for a warm up and chat with tea and soup in the Mosedale Quaker House tea room.

Well done all for turning up and making the effort to summit in such terrible weather – and to Evie for having a good sleep in her rucksack shelter!

Author: eviedykes2018

I am almost 40 years old, with a love of the fells, the outdoors and travel. I work as a physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor. Having a baby at this point in life is a big change to my world. This blog is about how I go about my adventures with Evie, from day 1 onwards.....

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