Hallin Fall – 03/12/18

A special fell for both Lou & me, (Tim & me walked up this fell just after getting married on our wedding day) we decided to head up on this beautiful winters day to show our children.

Lou explains the history to Evie and Evan.

Is Evie a Christmas angel come slightly early??

The beautiful old St Martins church where Evie checks out the acoustics!

Finishing the day off with a stunning sunset over Ullswater, and then heading home before it got too cold.

Arthur’s Pike 06/10/18

A cracking autumnal day perfect for going and bagging a Wainwright with the babies.

Setting off with Claire & Oliver, Helen & Bella and two dogs, we went up the main track up from Askham Fell – a steady climb up.

Making sure the babies were well and truely wrapped up to keep them warm on a cooler autumn day- even when little they start to fill the pack.

Stopping at an old shepherds hut for lunch and using the shelter for nappy changes all round out of the wind.

Enjoying the view at the slightly off-top cairn. I love looking down the length of Ullswater from here.

Evie is actually awake at a summit!!

Having enjoyed the summit it was time to head back down.

Another lovely day out in the very local fells.

Cat Bells – 04/08/18

Another of our favourite fells for the views and relative ease of making the summit.

That said, whichever way you go up there are steep steps or a scramble. On this occasion we went for the steps so as not to risk slipping with Evie in the sling.

A nice new cairn at the top to tell Evie which mountains she is looking at!!

And a cracking view as always to enjoy

And then down for well deserved cake!

15 October 2018 – Mummies & babies hike Cat Bells

Monday’s is normally a day we go out with a buggy walks group, but thi October Monday the weather was just too nice to not go up high.

Heading up Cat Bells with Claire & Oliver, Chrissie & Ederle,we decided on the ridge ascent and the tackle the scramble at the top. Not easy, but manageable- just.

Getting to the top Evie was still asleep, but woke up for the picnic.

Chrissie and Ederle enjoy the view

And Oliver takes a stroll on the summit.

The three of us pleased to have managed to get out beautiful but heavy loads to the top.

And finishing the walk along the undulating lower path, still enjoying the view, but glad to be off the steep stuff for the sake of knee preservation!

Little Mell Fell – 03/08/18

For a small walk so close to home, this was a walk new to me as well as Evie. A blustery damp August day meant it was perfect for a brief bit of fresh air.

Even on this dank day, there was still atmosphere in the views. It’s rare that it’s not worth going out…. at least for a little while…

Sale Fell – 31/07/18

Making the most of being in a different part of the Lakes, as we were headed to The Lakes Distillery for a very belated Christmas present, we decided to go up Sale Fell, as it was VERY windy! So a short walk fitted the bill nicely.

Evie is now big enough to go front facing in the sling when she is awake. More interesting for her but harder for me. I don’t know if she is happy or not… and she kicks me with her legs!!

It really was crazy windy on top!

But not particularly cold

And the views over Bassenthwaite were lovely….. but not as lovely as the afternoon tea at The Lakes Distillery!!

Happy belated Christmas mum!

Beda Fell – 26/07/18

One of those days with multiple work deadlines but too gorgeous not to! I really wanted for us to do the Beda – Place Fell round but ran out of time, so settled for just Beda Fell.

A blistering hot day, the sling and rucksack made for hot work as we clambered steeply upwards through a thick bracken little trod footpath. One on the ridge line life got easier.

Looking over Ullswater and back at Hallin Fell, the views are stunning as soon as you have climbed a short distance up. Even the sheep like taking them in!

it took longer than I anticipated to get to the summit, and despite the heat was a bit breezy on the very top, so we dropped a bit for lunch.

The colours at this time of years were gorgeous up here, all tiny little Fell plants that made a beautiful fellside.

Then time for the grassy descent down and walk back along the Martindale valley where Evie chilled out on the grass whilst I had a quick dip in the river to wash off and cool off!

Blencathra 09/07/18

One of my all time favourites, I decided it was time to take Evie up Blencathra for a picnic!!

Going up from Scales it’s never an easy start out of the car park going straight uphill. So paused for a cute picture

We got to the summit but Evie was still sleeping so I decided to walk along the saddle to Knowe Crags.

Evie then woke up so we did some tummy time!! This allowed Evie to take in the view!

Took a selfie!!

Then after the picnic headed down via Scales Tarn as it looked so beautiful!

Another gorgeous day for a walk.