Camping with friends at Beadnell July 2019

After a day at work and a two hour drive with no sleeps, despite leaving to try and achieve sleep, what I thought it would be an easy car to pre-erected tent (thanks friends) transfer turned into another late night for Evie.

Luckily for me a late night meant a relatively late start and we were lucky with the weather as we started our day with breakfast

Louis was patient with Evie’s version of ‘ball’

And we stopped by for a drink in Sam and Lucy’s porch!

Beadnell Beach

Lunches packed, we walked to the nearby Beadnell Beach, a lovely beach of golden sand, for plenty of fun despite the increasing cloud cover. A good kip needed to prepare for playing!

Then some food to get the energy reserves up ready for some serious beach time. Time to don the wetsuits.

Along with all the other kids, Evie’s buddy Oliver was there to, so they had great fun running around and playing with the others.

They then ‘helped ‘ Jessie, Louis and Josie to make a swimming pool- Evie and Oliver mainly helped by filling it in!

After the tide finally won and the swimming pool was gone, it was time for a snack and to think about heading back for dinner.

A little time for digging first, just incase there was any good to be found.

Dinner came in courses, and she ate a little before getting too excited….

And took herself to the park….

Where she decided to take herself up the slide, before she realised I was there!

All the sea air and running around and for once it was an early night!

Alnwick Castle

After packing up the tent we all headed to Alnwick Castle.

First stop – the dungeons!

A very impressive building from outside. The state rooms inside also very impressive. And still lived in. hanging out in the courtyard! waving at the horse on his knight!

Then playing (or stealing) the ten pin bowls

Who is this? Princess Lucy and Princess Evie!

Then time to make her magic wand. First to choose the magic string

To tie it around the stick and the feather

And en to sprinkle it in pixie dust

On to broomstick riding lessons at broomstick school.

The broomstick tutor has a one to one with Evie!

But Evie got bored of those so wandered off to see the rest of the castle whilst everyone else learned to fly.

Finally it was time to leave and go home. One last glance of this fine castle, Evie was already fast asleep!

A great fun couple of days.

Bluedot Festival

So when Evie was just 12 weeks old I had an out of the blue request. Would I go and teach Pilates for 3 consecutive days at both the Bluedot Festival and Kendal Calling. Well my initial response was ‘no’. But then I thought why not, especially as I got a guest ticket for each festival.

It took quite a while to work out the logistics, especially as I decided to camp at the first one with Evie. I needed a babysitter at the festival for when I’d be teaching. My sister Imogen kindly stepped up to the job, along with Sam, her 2&1/2 year old son.

Arriving less than 2 hrs before I was due to teach on the Friday, having come straight from our holiday in Staithes, we first had to wait very patiently whilst security (Nigel) allowed us in, because of course, our passes were not where they were meant to be. Then the tent I was teaching in was the far side of the site, thankfully not muddy! And nowhere near any toilets (which for anyone who has recently had a baby will know that toilets are necessary regularly!)

So the class came and went and that was just fine. Then time to enjoy the festival.

We had a nice bit of family time before Imo & Sam set off. Then one thing you realise once you have a baby is just how loud bands are! So we took an early retreat and hung out in our tent. Being in the staff bit meant that non- drunk people came and went through the night. The thin walls and voices spooked Evie the first time someone walked past, but then all was fine

The next day we had a relaxed start, met the family yoga teacher, so went to her session together both mornings. Then we hit the festival and did some cool stuff. Like go in this geometric art structure!

I also bought Evie some baby ear defenders, which I was amazed that she tolerated 100%. Which also meant I could watch some music.

The final day we randomly bumped into some people from home, managed to see a couple of lectures, which were by top scientists, and Evie happily sat and smiled at people, or slept! And watch a lot of amazingly big bubbles!

Then time to pack up the tent, teach my final class and then drive home to daddy. Tim had missed Evie Bean so much that he had brought her a present….. Long Bean Bear!