A final day in Passau

We started our day today by going to the bike hire shop to pick up our bikes and the Chariot. It’s going to be quite a ride on these European style sit up bikes, although I quite like the upright position.

Fahrrad-Klinik has good reviews and so far so good with their service. They promise the tyres are very puncture resistant to the point of insisting you don’t need a pump or repair kit, so let’s hope this is also true!

This Chariot is quite different to the one back home, so it took quite a bit of fettling and two attempts to get the car seat in a position and stable enough that I was happy with. Good job there was a cafe next to the bike shop!

From here we went onto the Cathedral, where at 12pm daily there is a 30 min organ concert for €5. Passau cathedral has the biggest organ in Europe with a crazy number of organ pipes, over 17,000! So it makes so good noise.

Evie loved it….

….. and then fell to sleep. But this did mean I could really sit and appreciate the surroundings! As well as a very impressive organ, were equally impressive walls ceilings, and a door lock (bigger than my head!).

We trialled the bikes again around the bumpy streets of Passau

And then Evie slept whilst I did some work! Possibly not the most effective way of working ever???

Out for the evening. Possibly THE BEST CURRY EVER, that I have ever tasted, at an Indian restaurant called Marahaja. Evie even guzzled a few grains of rice and curry sauce. And grabbed great handfuls of rice. Messy mealtimes are afoot big style I think.

She also liked to pick the flowers… but they did make her even prettier!

Tomorrow the cycling begins in earnest…. next chapter of this trip….. we are all excited!

Munich to Regensburg- 17/08/18

After yesterday’s long day, we had a relaxed start, with an impressive breakfast at Hotel Munich City.

Tummy’s filled, with Evie trialling even more fruits (she liked Kiwi & watermelon today!), we learned our lesson from yesterday and booked a taxi from the hotel to the station. It felt so long on foot, but rather short by car! Still, there was no way we were lugging those bags over 1km again!

Typically, platform 1 was at the opposite end of the station and down two levels, so we didn’t totally escape lugging the bags!

Train number one was a bit like the London Underground. Surrounded by all this luggage I am wondering how on earth we will get it all on two bikes!

Evie chose the opportune moment (3 mins before getting off) to be properly sick all over both of us. She is rarely sick, so a surprise to us both; maybe that kiwi wasn’t such a great idea?? So now I am hot and smell!

With a change at Freising, the next train was a bit novelty, with comfy compartments within the carriages.

Next opportune moment meant a nappy change, and given as all toilets on the train were out of action then it just had to happen in our compartment

This then equals hunger and, despite not being interested in her milk, she was very happy when I opened a banana. Though her hands wanted it more than her mouth.

We arrived in Regensburg at 2pm, taxi at the hotel, for the reception of Hotel Lux where we are booked in to be closed. After trying to understand a notice, I ask the nice lady in the jewellery shop next door. She sends me across to a restaurant, which is shut. I finally find the chef, he finds a key. None of us can open the door…. so we wait in the corridor….

Eventually another woman arrives. I’m glad at this point I did A level German as she has no English. But the door is finally opened. And very nice to see, as requested but not necessarily expected, a cot for Evie (shame she is too small to use the lovely bedding).

After a drink in the cafe opposite and a quick visit to a rather lovely deli, it’s time for a snooze.

Then up in time for some dinner and a short wander over the bridge just to give us an idea of what it will be like.

We are excited to go and discover this UNESCO world heritage site properly tomorrow.