A final day in Passau

We started our day today by going to the bike hire shop to pick up our bikes and the Chariot. It’s going to be quite a ride on these European style sit up bikes, although I quite like the upright position.

Fahrrad-Klinik has good reviews and so far so good with their service. They promise the tyres are very puncture resistant to the point of insisting you don’t need a pump or repair kit, so let’s hope this is also true!

This Chariot is quite different to the one back home, so it took quite a bit of fettling and two attempts to get the car seat in a position and stable enough that I was happy with. Good job there was a cafe next to the bike shop!

From here we went onto the Cathedral, where at 12pm daily there is a 30 min organ concert for €5. Passau cathedral has the biggest organ in Europe with a crazy number of organ pipes, over 17,000! So it makes so good noise.

Evie loved it….

….. and then fell to sleep. But this did mean I could really sit and appreciate the surroundings! As well as a very impressive organ, were equally impressive walls ceilings, and a door lock (bigger than my head!).

We trialled the bikes again around the bumpy streets of Passau

And then Evie slept whilst I did some work! Possibly not the most effective way of working ever???

Out for the evening. Possibly THE BEST CURRY EVER, that I have ever tasted, at an Indian restaurant called Marahaja. Evie even guzzled a few grains of rice and curry sauce. And grabbed great handfuls of rice. Messy mealtimes are afoot big style I think.

She also liked to pick the flowers… but they did make her even prettier!

Tomorrow the cycling begins in earnest…. next chapter of this trip….. we are all excited!