Lowther biking shotgun and the Cliburn woods balance bike expedition!


Meeting up with Omi, we give the shotgun biking another go around the grounds of Lowther park, Whale and Askham. Some hills, some puddles, some bumpies, some quiet roads, makes for a good second introduction.

After a good hours ride Evie warms up with a very special babychino and a sausage in the cafe. Powered up she is ready for a good run around!

Practicing her jumping, and a good place to play peekaboo, it is hard to get her to say bye bye to Omi, but we have other friends to go and meet this afternoon.

Back in the car and on to the woods at Cliburn, which is great for some flat balance biking .

We meet up with Jess and Osh, as well as Liz with the twinnies and Charlie. Charlie speeds off on his bike, but he does have pedals to turn, whilst Evie tries to keep up with Osh and Jacob and Isaac chill out.

Deep in conversation comparing bikes and discussing skill techniques!

Nothing more exciting (and slowing) than an offshoot path!

Snack time in a woodland den. A good base to explore from on foot to.

Back on the bikes, although they are now all starting to need some coercing. Evie and Osh enjoy playing catch and crash for a while…..

… and then they give up – enough biking for one day! But a rather sweet walk back to the car.

What a lovely day all round.

The Shotgun Saddles first trip out

Having waited patiently for our replacement and then for the weather to improve, Evie and me finally got to try out our Christmas present, the Shotgun Saddle and mini-bars so we can do more exciting cycling together.

We headed out with Claire and Oliver, who have the same set-up and were slightly more practiced. Setting off from Keswick up the Latrigg-Underskiddaw path, it was a steep climb / push up. We then came across some very muddy patches and Evie and Oliver went for a run down the path as we pushed our way through.

Overall a successful first ride out, especially as it was far more bumpy and muddy than anticipated.

After all that excitement and a swim as well it was definitely time for an ice cream!

Followed by more biking and a trip to the park.

Good fun day!!

New Year’s Day 2020 – Ullswater

A different day to yesterday with regards the weather, colder and damper. We set off for a stroll and a bike from Glencoyne on Ullswater , as it is a nice undulating little org.

Daddy and Evie have good chats as she bikes along, with the odd carry.

Then onto the beach to watch…

Her crazy mummy meet her crazy friends for a crazy New Years swim!

Happy 2020

New Years Eve 2019 – Lonsdale Fell, Skiddaw Little Man and Skiddaw

We wake up to a stunning New Years Eve day. So we pack the bags and get going out of the house and head to the car park on top of Latrigg. With no definite plan as all walks are now dependent on Evie’s mood, we head off along the flat path of Lonsdale Fell.

Evie takes multiple trips through the river before we are allowed to move on.

Back in the pack to make a bit more progress we head up the very steep nose of Lonscale Fell.

Not before long Evie protests very loudly to being in the pack so we stop and have some food. Evie walks a little further and the progress is so slow that we consider turning back.

However within moments of being back in the pack she falls into a deep sleep. So I take my chances and put on a pace and keep heading upwards.

Making the decision to add in that little additional climb, we go through some snow patches to get to the top of Little Man. May be a long time before we find ourselves back up here so high again so may as well.

Finally we make it to the top. It’s been a long hard carry in the pack but Evie stayed asleep all the way to the top, which is the only thing that made it achievable.

A spot of food in the shelter, but even with our layers it was too cold to hang around for long.

Time to descend, I think Evie realised how cold it was as she put up no resistance to going back in the pack. And then we played horsey horsey most of the way back down the hillside to keep her amused.

A paraglider put enjoying the views as well.

Finally when we were down to warmer climes Evie gets out of the pack and gets a good walk down, jumping the rocks and other borders and running around.

The light doesn’t get much better looking back on the hills as we take our final few steps.

Look mummy – you must need one of these!! We enjoy a hot chocolate before getting back in the car. Its been a big day out and we are both tired. What a way to say goodbye to an amazing 2019

Visiting Speke Coastal Reserve with Abby

Evie is very keen to use her bike now she has skills…. but the going is a little on the slow side as she chooses between biking and sitting!

Evie’s enthusiasm is reignited by an enormous puddle that she can bike through!

Time for a treat after all that hard work at Speke Hall. What’s not to like about combining chocolate cake and ice-cream?!

With more energy back on board there is time to enjoy the park.

And to try on some enormous shoes.

Back on the bike – we set off faster down the ramp than coming up it.

And then for a slow bike-walk-carry back to the car. But a lovely day out and a great catch up with Abby.

Getting to grips with the bike!

Meeting up over the Christmas holidays with Sam and Paula, Evie has her first proper attempt at balance biking.

Evie picks up some important bike skills from her buddy Sam who is already whizzing around!

They enjoy going around the trees and of course through the muddy puddles.

Got to save a bit of energy for throwing stones in the lake.

Having finished with stone throwing they are ready to head back. Some biking, and some mummy carrying the bike!!

A good first proper ride out though!

Bamburgh and around – March 2020


Arriving in Bamburgh we headed straight for the beach via the castle.

Daddy tried to climb into the castle, whilst Evie biked the perimeter trying to find a way in!

Giving up on that, we decided instead to do some adverting in the sand dunes.

Running around enjoying the beach, on this cold but gorgeous late winter afternoon.

Big smiles all round before its time to leave and go find our accommodation.

Insistent on a visit to the park before we go. But I’m not sure there are many parks with such fine views that exist.


A good hearty breakfast to set us up for the days activities!

After a swim in the fun session at the pool in Berwick-upon-Tweed (apparently the best pool around), Evie is in her element driving her very own ice-cream van! We struggle to get her to leave it behind….

Whilst Evie sleeps, we go on a very windy riverside walk, passing the many impressive bridges.

Even get to see the structure of the inside of one

The old viaduct with a new train

And the view from the inside of an old ruin on the river bank.

Having had enough of walking into a wind so strong at times it stopped you in your steps, we headed inland and back through the quiet town to the car.

A windy coastal walk

Walking across Bamburgh golf course the wind continued to blow hard and Evie wasn’t so sure. She was very happy when we came across this old (I think) war bunker, which housed an astounding view.

Still for just one moment for a picture with daddy

Daddy heads back to get the car as Evie was happier in the shelter of the coastline.We ended up pottering down onto the beach to enjoy the views of Bamburgh again.

And we do of course finish at the park – to whoosh down the slide and play on Evie’s favourite- the swings. Time for some food after all our coastal fresh air!

Mummy’s early morning

Not officially Evie, but beautiful enough to share from a photographic early morning run!

Lindisfarne – Holy Island

We head off to cross the tidal causeway whilst the signs of a high tide were still there

Once parked up we get ready in our warm kit and Evie sets off with a purposeful stride

There in the distance is our castle destination…..

But it looks a long way so we decide on a coffee at Pilgrims coffee shop (where they roast their own beans) and Evie is excited to get a Babychino, to fuel us for our walk.

It’s a nice walk down to the castle. Not far for adults but a long way for a bean. So she jumps reluctantly into the pack so we make it!

Out of the pack and getting to escape! Climbing up and up into the castle.

So many exciting passageways to run around. Evie – where are you??

Mummy I’m here!!

Oh look – something to climb on – best climb it then!

The fires not on so instead coming in out of the cold!

Once we finished at the castle we headed to the large old lime kilns just below the castle – impressive in its own way. Evie tried to disappear into a kiln.After some lunch in one of the pubs we finish our trip to Lindisfarne to the old priory. It was shut so you couldn’t go in. But you can still get a good idea of how majestic it would have been once.

Back down the beach

After Evie has a much needed kip, we head back down to the beach, via the park, of course. The ice-cream shop was sadly shut, but we have a ball and a bike to keep us amused.

Beach biking soon gives way to beach running. Hard work sand-biking….

The day is nearly out, and I think it can be said that we got the most out of it.

Biking Bamburgh to Seahouses

There is now a nice track on the side of the toad that connects these two towns, making it nice a safe to walk / bike between the two.

After whizzing there, we go and visit the RNLI station, see the boats, and then get to watch the crew play with their brand new (one day old) toy, that they have got to go with their soon to be arriving new boat. For Evie it was very exciting to see this tractor, although she did worry that it may come and run over her toes!

Diving into her enormous ice-cream that she had patiently waited days for!

Then back on the bike to head back to Bamburgh.

Dunstanburgh Castle

Our final port of call for this trip is a visit to Dunstanburgh Castle from Craster.

A foreboding entrance.

We wake Evie up, she looks around, realises there is lots of fun and climbing to be had and she is off!

Ensuring that she is learning about the castle on our visit.

Family pic!

A view from a high window.

And looking at the layers of old, from when it was a lived in building from centuries ago.

Evie enjoys the puddles – of course. And then gets upset at the fact that she gets a wet foot!!

Looking back on this stunning landmark. Definitely worth the visit out to see it and lots of fun had.

Time to head for home after another fun packed day.

Christmas family Small Water walk – 22/12/19

A few days before Christmas and a visit from part of the extended family. What better than to don the proofs and head up to small water, with Evie Bean striding her way into the lead!

Evie has a good chat to Barb on the way up

Before getting back in the pack for a rest.

Sitting on the shores of small water with Rose enjoying a snack, whilst Jude runs to a patch of snow up high just to get a handful.

Evie then walks all the way down and sits in the odd bog!

After all that effort time to head back for some food!

Askham Fell – 15 Dec 2019

Waking up to snow, we’ve arranged to meet up with Lou, Iwan and Evan, so we agree to go and search out the snow, as there was none in Pooley Bridge itself.

We may not be heading high but we managed to find some crunch underfoot on Askham Fell – just wished I’d had a sledge with me!

Lou and Evan heading up

Iwan, Tim (with a perfectly good backpack) and Seamus waif for us whilst Evie rides my shoulders, being now too tired too walk. heading down, there’s a good sized table at Granny Dowbekins cafe and Christmas Sandwich Specials to be enjoyed. Clearly well deserved from our epic winter walk!

Red Screes, Raven Crag and Middle Dodd – 30/11/19

One of those days that is so much better than you could ever even imagine – as soon as it is light everywhere is a picture of winter perfection.

After driving down through some beauty, turned fog, and then up a dicey and slippy Kirkstone Pass, we load up the packs and set off from the pass car park.

Not long into the walk, Evie’s favourite thing – ice! So with her and Oliver given icicles to suck on we start up the path.

Where steps turn into full on scrambling, throw in a bit of ice and we had to be pretty careful up some of the ‘path’

Making it up to the icy cairn of Red Screes

The views were phenomenal

A spot of lunch in the shelter before we continue our walk to the nearby top of Raven Crag

Summit pics

Evie surveys the very large icy puddle with funky wind blown ice patterns on top.

Enjoying the walk between the two, with lots of banks to scramble on, ice puddles to skate on and an enjoyable flat top to run on.

We make it to Raven Crag (only about 500m from Red Screes). And then they want to keep going!!

Wrong way, so we call them back…. turnaround point.A beautiful view over Windermere though.

They are back in the packs, tired and sleeping, so Claire and myself decide to make a mad dash down to Middle Dodd. We get there, take the compulsory pic, and turn back around up to where we came from!

It was worth the down and up though. More beautiful views and with sleeping minis we actually get a decent chat…

The frosted grass – not often you get it this good.

Once finished we have just enough light left in the day to get to Ullswater.

A cold swim for mummy with the swans whilst Evie, Oliver and Claire enjoy freezing ice cream for doing so well today.

Does it get any better?