Camping with friends at Beadnell July 2019

After a day at work and a two hour drive with no sleeps, despite leaving to try and achieve sleep, what I thought it would be an easy car to pre-erected tent (thanks friends) transfer turned into another late night for Evie.

Luckily for me a late night meant a relatively late start and we were lucky with the weather as we started our day with breakfast

Louis was patient with Evie’s version of ‘ball’

And we stopped by for a drink in Sam and Lucy’s porch!

Beadnell Beach

Lunches packed, we walked to the nearby Beadnell Beach, a lovely beach of golden sand, for plenty of fun despite the increasing cloud cover. A good kip needed to prepare for playing!

Then some food to get the energy reserves up ready for some serious beach time. Time to don the wetsuits.

Along with all the other kids, Evie’s buddy Oliver was there to, so they had great fun running around and playing with the others.

They then ‘helped ‘ Jessie, Louis and Josie to make a swimming pool- Evie and Oliver mainly helped by filling it in!

After the tide finally won and the swimming pool was gone, it was time for a snack and to think about heading back for dinner.

A little time for digging first, just incase there was any good to be found.

Dinner came in courses, and she ate a little before getting too excited….

And took herself to the park….

Where she decided to take herself up the slide, before she realised I was there!

All the sea air and running around and for once it was an early night!

Alnwick Castle

After packing up the tent we all headed to Alnwick Castle.

First stop – the dungeons!

A very impressive building from outside. The state rooms inside also very impressive. And still lived in. hanging out in the courtyard! waving at the horse on his knight!

Then playing (or stealing) the ten pin bowls

Who is this? Princess Lucy and Princess Evie!

Then time to make her magic wand. First to choose the magic string

To tie it around the stick and the feather

And en to sprinkle it in pixie dust

On to broomstick riding lessons at broomstick school.

The broomstick tutor has a one to one with Evie!

But Evie got bored of those so wandered off to see the rest of the castle whilst everyone else learned to fly.

Finally it was time to leave and go home. One last glance of this fine castle, Evie was already fast asleep!

A great fun couple of days.

A walk up Penrith Beacon

When we lived in Penrith this was a pre-Evie regular. But amazingly we haven’t gone up it since.

Meeting friends, Paula and Sam, Paula and Willow and Helen and Bella, we set off up the Beacon and soon released our toddling minis to make their way up.

marching their way up, with plenty of rests!!

It’s was slow progress, but they did keep going.

Just for a brief moment they hold hands to walk.

And then finally with a little help….

Their very own summit! They sit still just long enough to capture this before going off to explore the tower.

And here we all are, you can’t expect everyone to look at once!!

It was fun – see you again soon Penrith Beacon!

High Pike – 14/07/19

A walk out in a different part of the Lakes, we set off up the old mine tracks from Caldbeck Common towards High Pike, with a loaded backpack of Evie Bean and her friends!

It’s not long before Bean decides that today she wants to walk! So walk a while she does, before another short spell in the pack.

Despite it not being a particularly long walk, we have another stop before the summit for lunch and more play.

Evie practices her Nordic walking…

And then she falls to sleep for the summit!!

But awake again by the time we get back to the car, and playful…. come on Evie, it’s time to go home

31st August – Another Waynwrights Day

Supporting a local charity ‘Another Way’, Aimee at promoting sustainable living, the 31st August had been in the diary for a long time to walk to the summit of and to teach Pilates on the summit. The aim being to get people doing an activity on the top of every summit and to write their environmental or sustainable living pledge.

Evie got herself and her bag ready for the big day out. The rain cover is already on as it is set to be vile weather!

We have a super turn out for our fell and a very good mix of ages.

After walking up in mainly rain we get to this mildly sheltered spot, the rain stops, the sun makes a small appearance and so we make a group decision that this is a good place for a spot of Pilates!

Evie decides its a good time for a sleep whilst I teach!

Because the weather seems to be fairing up we cut the Pilates short and decide to do more on the summit as per the original plan.

Ha – plan foiled by horrid weather. We instead end up inside of two storm shelters on top so that we at very least write our pledges on the summit! Evie is amazingly still asleep despite the phenomenal noise in the storm shelter from the wind.

She does of course wake on the descent and does some good walking back down the Fell. Well timed as the rain does finally seem to be stopping.

Evie goes to hitch a lift with one of the two really amazing participants of our group who cycled to and from the start in the rain and wind.

Time for a warm up and chat with tea and soup in the Mosedale Quaker House tea room.

Well done all for turning up and making the effort to summit in such terrible weather – and to Evie for having a good sleep in her rucksack shelter!

Evie’s first foray to Devon – July 2019

It’s a very long way from the Lake District to Devon so we had to make a stop or too along the way.

Picking one of the hottest days of the year to travel, the air con in the car decides not to work…. and Evie was a travelling star!

Before we even left we needed to get a puncture fixed for the long drive!

One of our many service station stops – Evie the racing driver takes to the wheel.

Cousin time

We eventually made it to near Bristol and a stop off with Evie’s cousins Joseph and Finley. They enjoyed both a late night play and a lovely morning play, leaving when it was nap time to continue on our way.

Party time

Next stop was a party, celebrating the 40th birthday of old university friends. Evie’s first toddler camping experience. She was very excited running in and out of the tent.

There was a lovely little pool in a river to play on, though Evie was not too sure about full immersion….. it was a tad chilly!

There was an exciting deep dark forest to explore, which she spent hours in with the other kids.

This was 8pm- she was still fighting sleep at 11pm with all the excitement going on! The fire eventually mesmerised her to sleep.

After not enough sleep and a LOT more playing I. The morning, she had a very hearty appetite! Time to pack up, she was exhausted. By the time we had said our goodbyes and I had the car all packed she fell asleep as the engine started up!

Holiday in Sidmouth

A relaxing day in Sidmouth

Starting with a play at the park just down the road, this was a park we spent a lot of time in.

Just strolling along the front, some of the scenery was remarkable.

Why did we not bring our cossies on this first walk out. Thankfully a small place so back to the ranch to pick them up for a beach afternoon!

Evie was getting a lovely holiday with Hazie, Beth and Sally, and of course mummy!

On the beach, Hazel had kindly bought Evie a bucket and spade so there was lots of fun to be had with these.

Sandy cucumber- sandy snacks in general!

The seaweed was an amazing colour, but the way it moved in the water seemed to frighten Evie. I think she thought it was alive.Some crazy stew steps to take you to the top of Sidmouth, I didn’t even try to carry the loaded pushchair up here!

We decided we deserved a drink. So with our drinks Evie got crayons. Not sure who enjoyed this more, sally or Evie…

And then for a spot of shopping on our walk back home!

Biking Beer to Sidmouth

We needed to do a car drop for our walk to Beer today, so we loaded the bikes and Evie enjoyed a ride out first thing with Hazel and me

Then for a spot of lunch before getting loaded up into the pack!

Evie and her pack friends – Long Bean, Dress Rabbit, Dungaree Duck and Sid Mouth!

Sidmouth to Beer walk – shortened to Branscombe

So we set off much later than planned in the heat of the day (hot++) as we climbed up out of Sidmouth, the first of many steep climbs as it turned out!

However gorgeous views and meadow flowers made it all worthwhile.

Our first steep decent about to come to the beach far below. This one was a choice, but we had asked a walker from the opposite direction how many ups and downs and she said 4. We decided this was manageable. It turned out it was more than 4!! Time for a spot of lunch and a play.

The stones were just beautiful and it was hard not to collect them all. We had a select few pebbles from this beautiful beach.

Then the dreaded steps…. Sally waits patiently at the top, and these were just a few of very many!

Afforded beautiful view….

….. after beautiful view.

At this point we wanders at our sensibility of having dropped to the first beach. As we had no choice about this one. Hmmmm…. it was a long way down.

A gorgeous orchid in the verge

Keeping very jolly, Evie is waving at most things today!

Looking back at the headland we came from, via the beach we dropped down to!

Finally we meet up with Hazie, who has walked some of it solo as we failed to meet!

Into Branscombe for a much needed drink and snack, as I had run out of both water and food. It’s late afternoon and still a few miles to Beer…

And then a great discovery. The bus stop is just up the road from the pub, and the last bus of the day is in 45 mins!! No second thought…. all totally worn out we were on that bus! Never before have I been on a bus on such narrow roads that the hedge is coming through the windows on both sides!

Arriving in Beer, it’s got so late. So nevermind that dinner we had planned , it’s fish n’ chips at the park!! Where Evie does lots of playing!

Time to get back to the ranch!

Lyme Regis

After the epic walk the previous day, it was decided another beach day was much needed! So we headed to Lyme Regis.

A very touristy place and on a hot day it was a true British summer beach scene!

Just around one corner were these divine clear waters, but for now we kept walking.

To the old harbour walk and the crazy steps. Clearly still an active fishing harbour

And some rather fun RLNI welly dogs! I got an ice- cream to share but someone got most of it!

But it was much needed before participating in the strongman competition!

It turned out the waves and stones tightened Evie she. We went to go for a swim, so we moved to the nearby sandy touristy beach instead so she could run around happily and eat more sand!

Enjoying a dip in the sea, as Evie swam out to join me (halting my swim)…

After more playing and a very lovely day out, it was time to head home…. and someone was exhausted!!

Walking Sidmouth to Ladram Bay

The next day it was time to stretch our legs again. We decided to walk to the nearby Ladram Bay – just over the hill!!

Past a very pretty Devon House

Up a steep path to a beautiful panorama and then to look down towards Ladram Bay

Passing through a tree tunnel, and heading down through a wood.

I grab an ice cream – but someone decided they wanted it!!

Evie and Hazel practice making stone sculptures and look for pretty or different stones!

And then spends lots of time jumping on mummies tummy!!

Quieter cuddles and then…. exhaustion hits!!

Waking back – we have something in mind, but not before enjoying the view of these stacks from the other direction.

Of course , more steps!

To a well deserved cream tea! So much clotted cream and jam I needed a second scone!

The owner of the cafe (The Dairy Shop) made gin – so we had to try it . We can now thoroughly recommend Sidmouth Seabreeze and Sea Truffle gin!!

A bike ride needed to work off the cream tea and, well, because Evie really wanted to! Along the front and around the local park. Before heading back for tea.

Paddle boarding

Our last day, so to make the most of it we got up early for a walk and a final trip to the park

Little Miss Independent then insisted on applying her own sunscreen!

Before we headed out into the Sidmouth morning to try out paddle boarding!! All togged up and ready to go….

Getting on the board was achievement number one!

And then we were away, slipping quickly out to sea on the offshore wind…. but Hazel, Sally and Beth did a sterling job of getting us safely back to shore!

And Evie enjoyed it.

Time for one last swim and then time for Evie and me to say goodbye to the others and hit the road.

Staying with friends

Two hours up the road and we stopped off with another old uni friend, Zeb, and his family.

Evie ran inside and got straight on with playing with the kids Dan and Ellen.

Ice cream, trampolining, bubbles and more….

Oh what a fun way to end the day to a very fun holiday.

Shame the next day and the return leg wasn’t quite such fun. Something had upset Evie’s tummy. So after a messy start to our journey home, we finally got going. On the upside, she slept all the way home!

Warton Crag, Carnforth- 29/06/19

Meeting kind of in the middle, we met Auntie Imo and Cousin Sam at Warton Crag for a walk and picnic.

Setting off from a car park that looked more like a quarry, my expectations were low! However after walking up through a few trees, suddenly the view opened up to a stunning vista and the meadow towers on the crag were beautiful.

A great place with tiny paths for the kids to run around in a world of gassy adventure.

Some scrambling to be had for the bigger kids!! These rocks slightly too big for Evie yet.

Not quite the turret we thought on the top, but a good cairn to sit on!

For those tired moments when the legs have done enough running for a bit, Sam takes a break and rides Auntie Imo’s shoulders!

Then how much more fun can you have than a big pile of sawdust to dance in!

This is the walk when, through playing lots of chase with Sam, Evie learns to ROAR!!! She managed such a scary roar that she even frightened Sam and he thought we were going to eat his mummy!! Towards the end, there were downhill running races to be had!! As we stood and clapped the runners on….

A place I would definitely recommend if you are after a short but pleasing stroll in the area.

Red Pike 26-06-19

A hot hot day for a walk and not quite as planned (missing the friends we arranged to walk with), we set off for Bleaberry tarn and Red Pike.

The path is steep and unrelenting from the outset, but at least the first bit was in forest.

Once out of the forest the views are beautiful but in the heat the incline was tough.

Stopping for some lunch at Bleaberry Tarn and for Evie to have a run around. I would have been amazing to jump in, but not possible yet when we are on our own and she is still just 15 months.

Evie decides its her turn to use the poles to walk!

Finally packing up, I made the decision to continue heading up for the summit.

Leaving Bleaberry Tarn behind it is another steep climb, starting out on manageable steps. Close to the top this turns to loose scree and on more than one occasion I was very close to turning around.

After a lot of scrambling and a huge amount of care we did eventually make the top. Having gained all this height it seemed a shame to turn around and head straight down. But we had arranged to meet daddy at Greystoke Pool for a swim, so turnaround we did.

Eventually time for Evie to have her afternoon snooze whilst I took the steep descent carefully back down the hill. We both dreamt of the refreshing waters of the pool!

Lowther Castle playground

A birthday present for Evie’s 1st birthday is a pass to Lowther Park, as friends informed us that it has a fabulous playground for kids – from toddlers up.

We have already made a couple of visits, sometimes with friends, sometimes on our own.

For a picnic on a nice day, Lowther Castle does make for a great backdrop.

There is also LOTS of space for kids to run around, and as Evie gets older, to bike around.

After our picnic we headed to the playground and I was immediately impressed.

With a toddler area, there were some slides that Evie could manage independently and a baby zip wire which she loved.


And a sandpit….

Never mind the endless ramps to run around and explore…

I think this place could keep us busy with fun packed hours for years yet.

More fun at Lowther – 1st Sep

Lowther is becoming one of our regulars for its playground, ease, cafe…. but we hadn’t previously actually explored the castle.

It took over an hour and a lot of cajoling just to get through the entrance, as the gatehouse was so much fun!

And then there were benches to walk on….

And enormous old rooms to explore!

Then finally we buckled up and went to find the slides and swings for the fun to continue!

Lowther fireworks

Here we are at Lowther Castle, all beautifully lit up for their fireworks display.

We walk ‘the loop’ where the trees are lit up beautifully

And Evie can follow the string of lights all the way round!

The fireworks were truely impressive and they lit the castle up even more. Although not included in our passes, it was well worth the money.

We meet Oliver, who looks mildly scary lit up like this!

The little house is just as enticing in the dark to Evie and Oliver as it is in the daytime – we struggle to get them to keep walking on from here!

Having a bit of a boogie – some good music playing whilst the fireworks not happening.

Definitely one to consider, was far better than anticipated.