Gorsebank adventure – Dumfriesshire, November 2019

A late night arrival for our overnight pod adventure. Thank goodness it had a heater on this cold November weekend! We meet our accommodation before heading out for dinner at the nearby(ish) village of Kippford.

Evie orders and pays, making sure no one over spends!

After dinner we head for a short walk to the harbour to run off some energy – the reflections were astounding!

Knock knock who’s there??

It is all too exciting on this massive trampoline bed – there is no early night for Oliver and Evie. Far too much fun to be had.

Exploring the pods window the next morning – letting someone fresh air in. There’s a world out there to go and enjoy.

First proper go on the balance bikes.

Both needing some help whilst they build some confidence.

Packing up the car, we head to somewoods for a walk to give Oliver and Evie an opportunity for a sleep. The colours are just about still on the trees.

And it’s so calm that there are some lovely reflections on this small lake.

Then they are awake and running!! Up and down and round and round!

Looking for the quack quacks

After some lunch we head to Sandyhills beach. It’s not warm and the sea is a long way out. But they don’t mind as there is a lot of shelss to collect and look at!!

What have you found? Treasure?? Yes treasure.

Uh oh – this bit of sand was a little muddy. Nevermind, the afternoon is drawing in. We are all a bit wet. It’s time to head back to the car and go home anyway.

Thank you Claire and Oliver for our little Scottish adventure

The Knott and Rest Dodd – 10/11/19

It’s a stunning day, crisp and clear with a sprinkling of snow on the tops. We are wrapped up warm and ready to go, setting off today from the car park in Hartsop.Evie does some route planning with Omi to make sure we are on the correct path.

And she walks, slips and slides her way up. There are some really icy patches. Here we are on top of The Knott. The temptation to continue round high is huge, but we don’t quite have the time.

Evie discovers the chocolate, and there is no getting it off her! She is determined even though it is almost solid!!enjoying a good run around on the tops before we head back down.Evie plods down, following this little path along by the wall. She does exceedingly well.

I look back with astonishment! At 19 months old she walked all the way down that wall. How much her walking is coming on. our 2nd summit, Rest Dodd. Time for more snacks before heading back down to the car.

A brief stop at Hayeswater, so good stone throwing to be done..

And her crazy mummy has another refreshing swim! literally JUST before we get to the car, Evie Bean falls fast asleep – what an energetic day it’s been.

Halloween party 2019

We are set to go in our outfits for the toddlers Halloween party. I take the face paints with me so we can have some fun!

Bella is all set and painted.

Having a little chill out with Oliver before the games begin!

Willow and Oliver are the brave ones with bobbing apples, whilst Evie and Bella observe….

Compulsory shot of the four of them.

Playing with the dancing skeleton – wiggle wiggle wiggle, so funny.

After jelly and cake it is time to leave. Thanks for a fab fun party.

Evie peering through her pumpkin back home

High Hartsop Dodd and Little Hart Crag – 27 October 2019

On a grey day but high enough to see the tops, with Sally to join us , we finally decided on these lower Wainwright’s with a variety of route options to have a go at today. A steep climb up the nose of High Hartsop Dodd brought us to these fantastic views through the rocks.

There was also a super view back down the valley, looking at where we set off from – Brothers Water.

All cheese for the first summit of the day!!

The views never fail to amaze me and I love the lines of the fells within the views.

Time for Evie to do some waking with a small down before more up between the summits

It’s cold up here and we made the correct decision not to do any of the ‘biggies’ on this day. Here we are at Little Hart Crag, where we ate our lunch and then made the decision to head down. The third potential summit (Middle Dodd) looked that little bit too far extra , especially as as Evie was by this point very keen to walk as well.

More cracking views, this time down towards Windermere before we head onwards .

We start the great decent – opposite would be the ascent to Middle Dodd – so tempting….

Evie very independent in her walking.Finally back at the bottom. But mummy – look at the lake!

Could it get more beautiful? Maybe we didn’t get the third Wainwright in, but we did get to see this, throw stones and enjoy a very refreshing swim!!

Small Water – 14/10/19

This was a special walk day – a walk that I have done since I was toddler. And it was Evie’s biggest walk yet . We headed up to small water where I enjoyed a swim.

Taking in the beautiful grasses.

Evie then enjoyed walked all the way back down, thinking nothing of the tricky terrain.

Very independent with her walking!

Getting a little tired – but she made it!

Another celebration!

The big one – Scafell Pike and Lingmell – 8th September 2019

A clear weather window in what had otherwise been a dreary month, so whilst I still felt capable we decided to attempt Scafell Pike. We also decided on a longer drive around for the shortest route up, but once there also figured we may as well take in Lingmell.

Driving along – had to stop to take in these phenomenal reflections

A local enjoying the view – well why not!

And Evie is thoroughly enjoying herself before having a very well timed sleep – means that we actually got a chance of making it to the top without her wanting to walk it all!

Heading up Lingmell nose – there is kind of a path….

I was somewhat pleased that Evie was asleep at the summit as the drops were something else, not a place for a Bean to be running around.

But then she did wake and it was a well timed lunch stop before a second hike up . Evie did of course want to do some walking now!

Some pack, some walking. But Evie did do the last few steps herself to the summit.

Here we are, Omi, Evie Bean and Mummy on top of Scafell Pike. Enjoying the view but aware that it took us a good while to get here to! my summit Bean

Evie of course wantsto continue walking as we head down.

Finally though it is time to pack up and Evie insists we all have our hoods up!!

Coming down through the Mickeldore gap, that was exceedingly tricky and took a considerable period of time!

Finally down the gap of doom – we all made it safely!

Under the big rock! Then down an awful lot of thigh aching steps carrying a Bean.

Finally she is out of the pack and enjoying a run around. A lovely grassy slope to enjoy on the way back to the car.

Come on mummy, time for tea!

And finally, a well deserved G&T to celebrate the day! And what a day it was.

Steyr to Grünberg steam train

Choo choo, we got the last train of the season as it steamed it’s way from Steyr to Grünberg. Sadly because it is the last journey it is only going one way, so only two of us could ride the train.

Engines are ready for the off

Time to jump aboard

And say bye bye to daddy – see you at the other end.

We enjoy looking out of the window.

It’s a good way to watch the world, before settling down for a picnic tea!

Nearly there and nearly dark!

What a fun train journey. The oldest narrow-gauge railway in Austria that we have ridden on.

Cycle to Ternberg

In the hope of a pretty cycle ride with a pretty destination, we set off on a bike ride to a village called Ternberg.

Although not a cycle path, we were on mainly small roads that followed the river Enns

The river was a beautiful colour and today the skies an amazing uninterrupted blue!

Arriving in Ternberg , apart from this old church, there was nothing!!

Evie was asleep, everything was closed and there was not even a park so l turned around and started cycling back.

Back along the pretty river, the autumn colours are just setting in.

And then we finally found somewhere open to stop for lunch.

Before finding a place where you could get to the river for a runaround.

And Evie was particularly excited to spot some ‘quack quacks’ – they were not quite so excited to ha e being spotted!

Next stop was Garsten, another small town with an amazing church – this one we got a glimpse inside. It was attached to a large ornate prison , guessing at an old monastery with a new purpose!

Leaving having found no parks, we happened across a place with a few fun items to play on. Time to leave and head back and see daddy.


We have a few days in the small but pretty town of Steyr (near Linz), as a base whilst Tim plays in a tournament. So first port of call for Evie and me is to hire a bike! Promptly enabling Evie to have a sleep and miss our first outing into Steyr centre!

On our next trip into Steyr we tried to visit the church that dominates the skyline. But you can’t get inside so instead we walked around the outside.

Time to pause for an ice-cream. Evie wasn’t in a very sharing mood with ice-cream today!

If you go along the Panoramaweg you get a nice view onto the private palace.

Time to hit the shops!! Trust Evie to find this one – but closed!

It was within a lovely courtyard fantastic for running around it.

Time to enjoy the architecture of the town. We talked about how every building was individual

And some were beautifully ornate.

Whilst others intricately painted.

The roofs were also pretty when you looked closely, using a fish scale shaped tile.

After all that time looking at buildings it was time to hit the park to enjoy the slides and swings.

Solda – Stelvio National Park

Arriving in time for dinner, what you have to love about these amazing family run hotels is their phenomenal half board food menus – a great way to start our visit here, especially when we thought we had arrived too late and would be eating oatcakes and cheese for tea!

Evie is ready and waiting for her 6 course dinner!! And they did not even charge for her!

Waking to this stunning view, after an extensive breakfast we set off for a walk.

First past this small swimming lake in the village, with amazingly clear waters (and as I found out the following day – mighty cold to swim in!), it held the most beautiful reflections.

Another chair lift for Evie to get us up High, the. We could set about enjoying the views….

Which were very grand…

And the bilberries which we picked till our tummies were full!

Following the 4a back down the mountainside we found ourselves back at the hotel….

Unintentionally in time for the small (large) lunch and cake buffet included in the half board! (Which by my equating makes it full board for the same money!)

…. best go run it off, we found this lovely park to play in – there were bits testing enough to keep us all amused!!

Back for a swim and then, what, more food??!!

Another day, another chair lift, this time up the other side of the Solda valley, best check the route first!

Up they go!

The terrain is different, with a few of these fun bridges to cross the boulder field.

An enormous boulder full of colour

And then the diciest of dicey paths – thanfully Tim was carrying Evie whilst my heart was in my mouth with fear.

Finally off the heart stopping path we came across this beautiful herd of cows high up the mountainside

Shortly followed by a herd of beautiful donkeys.

Shortly followed (no pictures) by a number of black squirrels!

A quick stop of at a mountain hut for a drink. Evie offers the local some of her apple to share!

Back again without plan to an included lunch at our hotel. Knowing how good it was once we realised there was a chance of making it we made a dash down.Time for more fun at the park in the 3 bears house

And a hello the the resident ducks

Before back for another swim and more food!!

Time to leave, blue skies for our journey. But not fully wasted as you can’t come to the Stelvio NP without…

Heading up the Stelvio Pass

What a road!

A total of 46 hairpin bends on a road that reaches a height of 2759m. What a view down the valley.

Climbing up above the pass there is a whole area of fascinating history. I expect it would be even more fascinating if I could have translated it well. But 1st world war barracks UP HERE!

Even crazier (possibly) is that the mountain opposite, Mt Ortler – the tallest in the region at 3905m – prisoners of ways were made to drag heavy guns to the summit. I mean wow- what a ridgeline to fight on. it is truely hard to imagine. cold but beautiful

Look closely and you can see the remains of the old barracks

And the remains of a gun turret

Last summit picture before we head down and the cloud comes in. Evie has enjoyed her walk around on the high tops. She prefers the rocks to the views though I think!

A mountain Heisse Schockolade mit Sahne – Evie enjoys the Sahne!

The cloud descends as we descend back down the 46 hairpins, but it makes for some beautiful scenery again.

Out of the valley and en-route, but I had noticed this had been advertised as a sight to visit by our hotel (quite a long way away!). So we stopped.

The drowned village at Graun im Grinschgau, with only the church tower remaining.

Time to leave this place behind and move onwards in our journey.